Saturday, 29 March 2014

Weekend Tasties!

Yeh, I know I totally just surprised everyone- I mean who likes the weekend? Hahah, well I really do like the weekend, because I can have loads of fun in the kitchen being crazy and creative!

Past weekend/ holiday creations include:
My Breakfast Pretzel:
And my colourful pizza parcels:
So, yeh- Weekend= wild imagination!
But before we get to the recipe, I want to share with you my lunch...
Wow, Steph. Clap, clap- you made a sandwich. Well, yes, I did. But it was tasty! More importantly the bread for my sandwich was pumpkin seed and purple wheat panini! WHAT!?! It was sooo good. Inside was sweet potato and cashew spread, grated carrot, curried veggie burger, grape tomatoes, capsicum, spinach and hommus- all toasted in a sandwich press. YUM!
Then for breakfast today I was in a green mood and also an apple mood. It's Sunday, so it had to involve pancakes and I really like ice-cream, so that too.
Put all that together and you get:
Apple pancakes, covered in coconut butter, with a side of green grapes and the creamiest most delicious banana-cado ice-cream (1 frozen banana+ 1/2 frozen avocado)
The pancake recipe wasn't anything special and you can find a few recipes on my recipe page, although I did add some melted peanut butter to the batter :)
Very, Very delicious :)

Just check out how smooth and creamy the ice-cream was:
Seriously all I did was stick 1 chopped frozen banana into a food processor with 1/2 a chopped frozen avocado and whazzed until smooth, then I put it in the freezer for 10-15 mins :)
Ofcourse, if you have pancakes and ice-cream...
 Happy pancake Sunday everyone!

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