Thursday, 15 January 2015

Be Back Soon!

Happy Friday everyone!!
 Who's excited for the weekend? ME ME ME! Whyza? Becuaza I'm ma going camping!
 So unfortunately that means a little holiday from blogging with you guys- but I'll be back baby! Bigger than ever! Maybe... :P
Any way- before I head off on my little adventure I'll leave you with something I seem to like to talk about a lot... that be food in case you were wondering!

 Pink food!
Seeing as I'm going away I don't know how much control I'll have over my food so I've decided to eat all of my favourite foods until I go. Starting with this delicious breakfast of frozen grape and blueberry ice cream topped with nutty granola!
 The 'ice cream' was simply I large frozen banana + a handful of frozen grapes and blueberries whazzed up in a food processor until ice creamish. (Placed in freezer until ready to eat)
 Then topped off with the cooled granola:
 Soooo good!
 On the menu tonight, I'm thinking pizza. Yep definitely thinking pizza.
Who knows maybe I'll do a pink beetroot base? Maybe the theme of the day will be pink? Only time will tell!!
What I do know- this brekky is good, you should try it and then wait until I'm back next week to thank me. Because you'll want to thank me. ;)

 Seriously- who wouldn't want dessert for brekky? (besides all those people who prefer savoury breakfasts).
 Any who I best be going to finish up some packing- I just know I'll forget something!
I hope you all have a great day and then a great weekend and then a great week and I guess I'll see you guys soon!

Will miss you!!

Bye! :D


  1. Holy crap that looks amazing!!! Have a great week :)


  2. Jen- thanks so much! I did have an awesome week too ! :)
    Steph 2 chef x


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