Tuesday, 6 January 2015

WIAW #39

Hi everyone! How are we all today?

Me? I'm slightly dying over here in Aus as we have had a few, shall we say, bordering on oven-like days... the highest one being about 44 degrees Celsius (111.20 degrees Fahrenheit)! T'was pretty sizzling.

As a result my eats... haven't changed at all! If I want warm soup, I'll have warm soup (goes the same way for smoothies in winter.)

Speaking of eats- it's Wednesday, I have been eating foods and here I am to share them with you!

Here is What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday! Thanks as usual to Peas and Crayons for this awesome weekly link-up!

I had two medjool dates to give me a bit of energy for my run this morning before returning back home after an hour ready for brekky!!

Breakfast: 8:00am
 My perfect bowl of oats along with a restore apple and acai super nudie juice.
 Topped with lots of cashew butter and inhaled!
I rarely drink juice now-a-days (boy, did I used to drink a lot of juice!) but I do enjoy the odd nudie juice every now and then seeing as all the ingredients are written on the front = only fresh fruit and veg.

Lunch: 12:45am
Breakfast did a good job of feeling me up for ages, however I knew I should probably eat some lunch a few hours later to keep my metabolism up and energy stores fueled.

So I baked a sweet potato in the oven topped it with hommus and a veggie burger with some nutritional yeast, popped some pop corn, created a pot of frozen peas, cherry tomatoes and capsicum with a side of spinach.
 I do prefer sweet baked sweet potatoes (topped with nut butter or coconut butter) but I do also like a good savoury one!
If you've read this blog for a while you would probably know about my obsession with frozen peas- so yummy!
 And popcorn. I. LOVE. POPCORN.
 Upon starting my lunch, I did in fact realise I was hungry :)
So I nom-ed

Snack: 4:00pm
 For an afternoon snack I had a chopped pear with grapes and a glass of soy milk:

 Dinner: 6:45pm
 Dinner featured one of my favourite meals- roasted veg with whole wheat pasta, spinach and garlic tofu:
 The veg was pumpkin, carrot, beetroot, swede and parsnip, roasted with a drizzle of olive oil at 180 degrees celsius for 45 mins.
I know there's no sauce or anything but I seriously love the flavours of this dish without adding any more to confuse the buds.
After dinner snack included a small handful of brazil nuts because brazil nuts are probably in my top 3 for favourite nuts. With peanuts and cashews up there too.

And that's that!

What did you eat Wednesday?
Do you drink juice?
Have any food obsessions?

Still hungry for more? Head on over to Peas and Crayons to see what everyone else is nom-ing on!

Bye for now folks! :D


  1. That sweet potato looks magically delicious! I love anything to do with sweet potato! :)

  2. Erin,
    I am with you on that- sweet potato= magic! :D
    Steph 2 chef x

  3. Your food looks so good, those oats are to die for. :)

    Also, I am such a popcorn addict. I'm so glad you had a bowl for lunch.

  4. Kay,
    Thanks so much! I did enjoy that bowl of oats very much and bowls of popcorn for lunch should become the new norm! ;)
    Steph 2 chef x


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