Monday, 5 January 2015


There are rare moments here in Australian supermarkets where you may in fact stumble across something absolutely brilliant that you have been teased with over and over again on other American and European blogs, resulting in an impromptu happy dance with accompanying squeals of delight and occasional hugs to strangers.

Moments like these that I have experienced- finding nutritional yeast, finding kabocha (boy was that a goooood find!) and most recently finding.....

Looking lovely with a knife straight through the middle.. my muscles needed a break- so I took a picture ;)
It was fate I tell you! You see, we had already done our weekly grocery shop the day before and I had a full fridge of veg, when the mother decided she needed a few dinner items and out of the corner of my eye one slightly strange looking veg caught my eye.
Cut in half- because I am a BEAST!
Can you believe it was the last one too? So not only were we not supposed to be at the grocery shops, there was only one spaghetti squash left at that time of the day when we decided to go! FATE I TELL YA!
Drizzled and rubbed with olive oil, sprinkled with cracked black pepper and placed face down on a baking tray to roast for 50 mins at 180 degrees celsius.

Good on ya Australia for finally growing this freaking awesome squash! Though where did the kabocha go? I need that back in my life!!
 Removed from oven, placed on a plate and microwaved for 1 minute:
 Of course I had a little try of the squash before I made a meal out of it and it tasted...
FABULOUS! I loved the flavour of it all by itself. For some reason it reminded me of roasted chest nuts?

I got my fork out and ran it along the soft squash until I had pulled and fluffed out all of the 'strands' and then stirred them in with a mixture of peas, 4 beans, lentils garlic, rosemary and olive oil that was quickly fried up together in a hot pan:
 Topped off with nutritional yeast for the cheese factor!
 I love spaghetti squash and just like with kabocha I'm slightly sad (even though I still have another half of the squash in the fridge) because I have no idea when I'll see one of these guys again... it's just heart breaking!
 The spaghetti-like strands (that really freaked me out) the mild yet oh-so-comforting flavour and the filling-ness of this squash seriously surprised me!
 I didn't even need the side of blanched asparagus and kale I made to go with it:
Although I did chomp my way through as much as I could because asparagus and kale is really yummy too!

That was my first experience with spaghetti squash!

How about you?
Have you ever tried spaghetti squash?
Do you live in a place where it is readily available?
Do you like it? I'm sure everyone who's ever tried it liked it. Without a doubt! ;)

Bye for now friends! Have a great day! :D

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