Saturday, 10 January 2015


Hi everyone! How's your day going?
Mine's been pretty good so far.
1. It's Sunday- I love Sundays- slow, relaxing
2. It's sunny- I love warm sunny Summer days in Aus
3. I had a glorious loooong run- runs always put me in a good mood
4. I just had one of my favourite breakfasts ever.

So yeh, it's been a good start!
It's also been a pretty good weekend too. For the first time ever (I feel a bit bad about this) the mother and I decided to visit the farmers markets for our grocery shop this week.

Why have I never gone here before? It's so cheap, filled with soooo many veggies and the veggies all look so good too! I love that they're not all perfect and glossy like in the big supermarkets- they look a lot more natural and honestly a lot tastier!

I might have gotten a bit excited:
Mushrooms, apples, peaches, mini striped eggplants, pears, pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, brussels sprouts, mini zucchinis, capsicum, tomatoes, mini zucchinis, avocados, swede, parsnip, beetroot and a massive white sweet potato!

This is going to be a good week on the veggie front!
I also picked up some Rooibos tea after hearing about it's amazing benefits ages ago and telling myself to give it a try ages ago and then only remembering to pick some up.. yesterday. ;)
I've never fully gotten into coffee much at all (I know I'm young- but most of my friends cannot function at school properly without their morning coffee!) so I think I'm growing more and more fond of tea. Time will tell!

As a use it up meal to get rid of all of my leftover vegetables from the past week, I made a big bowl of random:
brown rice and quinoa, grated carrot, steamed sweet potato, chopped capsicum, peas, spinach and chopped garlic tofu, sprinkled with some nutritional yeast and two dried figs on the side:
Dried figs... Mmmm....
My afternoon consisted of a really nice bike ride along all of the bike paths I could find, some reading, a bit of blog work, a few job applications (I am currently searching for some casual work for extra money) aaand a bit of blog reading.

Dinner was also a use- up- the- leftovers meal:
Wholemeal spaghetti with steamed pumpkin and parsnip, roasted eggplant and mushrooms, drained and rinsed four beans, spinach and Sacla tomato and garlic stir-through sauce:
For a quick throw together with random ingredients meal, this was pretty tasty!
And finally onto breakfast- the one that made my Sunday:
This guy:
Plus this guy:
Kiwi fruit fro-yo (1 chopped frozen kiwi fruit whazzed with 3 scoops of greek yoghurt and 1/4 banana)
= Happy Steph.
Does anyone else agree that food tastes 1000x better after a hard workout? I dunno it just seems to taste sooo good!
And that's been my week so far! Tune in for some delicious meals featuring all of my fresh farmers market finds!

Do you enjoy the weekend? Or are you more busy on weekends?
Do you have a use up the leftovers day when you go grocery shopping?
Does food taste better to you after working out?

Bye for now friends! Enjoy your day- whatever it is you are doing, do it smiling! :D

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