Thursday, 1 January 2015

Things I've been loving on!

Hello Everybody!
Following the wise posts of Peanut Butter Fingers, I thought I might write a little about some of the things I've been loving recently because I'm feeling extremely grateful and blessed RIGHT NOW!

To kick things off- I've been loving nut butter.

Not just any nut butter though... this nut butter:
 What did I use it for today?
Something else I've been loving (for a very long time now!)
Yep it's my old friend the nut butter and banana toastie!
 With a side of peach fro-yo (1/2 frozen peach + 1/4 banana whazzed up with 3 big scoops of greek yoghurt)
 Warm, gooey, chocolatey...
 Let's just take a second to appreciate this chocolatey banana-y goodness:
 Oh yes.
 This was a great breakfast to refuel my hungry body after today's hour long run.

Along with this guy:
Seeing as coconut water's dubbed 'Nature's Gatorade'  I always love to rehydrate with it after some long sweaty runs when I can. Get some of them electrolytes in me!

Speaking of running- something else I've been loving lately:
 My new, New Balance shoes!
So much support and comfort (my other shoes were getting pretty old and... well worn!)

Speaking of sport and active stuff, I have been LOVING!!! These 7/8 pants I bought from Lorna Jane the other day- sooo comfy, light and yeh!

Who else loves to wear 'sports clothes' as actual clothes? So much comfier than real clothes, right!?!

Back to the topic of food- I've been having a mild obsession with roasted white sweet potato!! (Also known as Japanese sweet potato)
And I'm blaming the Paleo Running Momma (Why does my computer think paleo isn't a word??) who seems to always have the bets looking roasted white sweet potato!
So I bought lots last weekend and have been enjoying it almost every night.:D

A big barley bowl with roast veg, peas and grilled tempeh:
 Poached eggs on top of spinach and hommus lentils with a side of roast veg:
 Roast potatoes! (There was an omelet next to them too, but that's not the main focus ;)
 Seriously, white sweet potatoes are like... a dessert for me. They taste so fudgey and sweet and deeeeelicious!! Even better than regular sweet potatoes (and you know how much I like regular sweet potatoes!)

 With the beautiful thoughts of roasted white sweet potato in my head, I will leave you to get on with this beautiful Friday!

I hope everyone has a great day! See you later! :D

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