Friday, 15 May 2015

Suggestions .. :)

Happy Saturday everyone! Who's pumped for the weekend? ME ME ME!
It's been a loooooonnnggg week (even though it seemed to fly??) long in the sense that I am completely wiped out and need a break!

I seem to find that during busy times like now, my brain is worked extra hard and as a result all creativity and motivation to try new things leaves me and I stick to a repetitive routine day in day out. Wake up, eat brekky, go to school, come home from school, do homework, have a bath/shower, cook dinner, watch TV.

Same goes for my cooking. I resort back to old favourites that I know will taste good and that I've made so many times I could cook them in my sleep (I wouldn't be surprised if I did- stress can do strange things to a person ;)

So as I was munching (not really munching seeing as it was warm, mushy oats and a smoothy- more like.. swallowing?) my way through breakfast, I felt a little spark of creativity jump throughout my brain, whispering tiny little ideas that I just couldn't make out- but I knew I wanted to do some creating!!
 Oats + pumpkin seeds + dried cranberries + chia seeds all mixed together with some coconut butter and almond milk heated in the microwave and left to sit (and absorb) for around 10 mins.
 The smoothie was simply 1 chopped frozen banana + 1 chopped frozen plum (extra juicy!!) + 3 big scoops greek yoghurt + 1 handful of spinach + 1 handful of kale + 1/4 cup water- whazzed!
 I had no mental power to think of a new smoothie idea, or fancy oat creation, I simply got up after a lovely sleep in (7:00am! :) and a quick Purely Twins workout, followed by a nice long plank (emphasis on the word nice of course ;) and then strode into the kitchen not overly hungry (I did have a pretty big dinner last night... but still- that was like 12 hours ago!!) in the mood for simple.
 The oats and smoothie hit. the. spot. So glad I made up a big batch of coconut butter! Oh how I've missed it!
 So, anyways, I was sitting outside with my crazy friend Ash, enjoying my simple breakfast when numerous recipe ideas started flowing through my brain.
I was beyond delighted.

Second thing running through my brain- where are you going to find the time for all that recipe creating/ testing/ photographing etc.

Good question, brain. Good question.

The answer is simple- make the recipe creations for said meal, photograph meal, eat meal- it'll take pretty much the same amount of time as my normal meal prep and create normally does.

Wanna know some of the ideas flowing through my brain? Maybe you can give me a heads up as to which ones you want to see happening sooner rather than later!

All these are going to be 'healthified/ Stephified' versions of the originals, filled with quirky ingredients but still tasting absolutely fabulous!

1. I have a cooking blow torch from a recipe involving meringue that I haven't used in a while, so I was thinking making a vegan version of a creme brulee sort of thing?

2.  I just bought a bag of frozen raspberries and would love to have a crack at a raspberry cheesecake with granola crust (for breakfast of course!)

3.With said raspberries- I also want to make some coconut, lemon, raspberry muffins- Y.U.M!

4. I was also thinking about creating a peanut noodle stir-fry with tofu- sounds pretty good to me right now!

5. I'm also thinking a new version of pizza crust is in order (mainly because I'm craving pizza ;) so maybe I'll do some weird pizza thing)like a pizza pocket, or a Middle Eastern style pizza (I'm thinking middle eastern spiced base too with some eggplant, chickpeas, olives and lots of other toppings finished off with some greek yoghurt- sounds good!

So let me know what you think- what you want to see first on the blog and if you have any other recipe requests for me- I'm all ears!

Your turn:
Do you resort back to old favourites when you're time poor/ stressed/ have used your brain too much on other stuff?
Favourite simple breakfast?
Which recipe should I create first?

Well, this was a wordy post! Any who I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday, relax (or get busy, if Saturday's are busy days for you!) and remember to take a moment and just SMILE :) Bye for now friendly friends!! :D

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