Saturday, 23 May 2015

Sunday Link-a-licious

Hello folks! Happy, happy, happy Sunday (three happy's because Sunday's are nice :)
I hope you have something lovely planned for today (or absolutely nothing planned which makes today lovely!)
As for me, the past few days have left me with a funny back (hello spasms, you guys are fun. Especially when I have no clue when you'll hit!) and was told to rest until the cross country carnival on Thursday. However I woke up this morning and just felt stiff... but not in bad pain... and my body was telling me that a run would feel good.

Now I was pretty apprehensive about this, don't get me wrong. I have in the past made myself exercise just because I think I should (even when my body thinks I shouldn't) so I went about putting on my running gear nice and slowly and stretching up for a bit. Then I decided to just give it a little go, stepped onto the treadmill with my trusty iPad full of good blog reads I'd missed from my hectic school week and took it slow.

I was right guys! I didn't go fast, or push myself too hard, but it was what my body seemed to need to stretch out the little aches and stiffness that had resulted from me being cautious because of the spasms. 30 minutes at a slow pace, reading some great blog posts- that's what I call a great start to Sunday! It also made me realise how in tune we can be with our bodies- and that truly excites me! :)

Almost as much as a great breakfast!
I picked up this bad boy out grocery shopping yesterday because I'd heard mixed review about carob, but wanted to give it a shot (compare it to cacao etc.)
I was kind of hesitant when I smelled it after opening because it smelled pretty sweet and strange.. but mixed into rolled oats with a sliced banana, cinnamon and some almond milk and then at the end some greek yoghurt and I was one happy camper!
Served in an almost empty jar of peanut butter for extra awesome-ness!
It definitely didn't taste like the rich darkness of raw cacao powder but I must say raw carob powder is pretty good :)

And because it's Sunday I have some links for you- posts/ recipes/ sights that have intrigued me over the week and hopefully will intrigue you too!

My Cantaloupe Fro-yo!!

No bake peanut butter cocoa puff fudge marshmallow protein treats

Healthy No Bake Triple Peanut Butter Bars


Learn to Breathe Better While Running

15 of the best things that can happen to you during a run

Learn to breathe better while running

Learn to Breathe Better While Running
Learn to Breathe Better While Running
Learn to Breathe Better While Running
Fun/Good/ Insightful reads:

WIAW: do what matters

5 Healthy Foods to Eat Every Day

Giving Up Exercise: The Science

Easy Healthy travel snacks
If Disney Princesses Swapped Hairstyles- Ahh, this one made me laugh so much :)

Well that's it from me today- again I hope you have a wonderful day filled with wonderful things, eat something delicious, and just take a moment to take in life currently- I really need to work on being in the moment!! Bye friends! :D

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