Thursday, 21 May 2015

Thinking Out Loud- A look at life :)

Hi friendly friends! Today for Thinking Out Loud Thursday I thought I would have a deeper look into my life currently- because life changes all the time and my current life seems pretty hectic! In other words, I thought it would be funny to present my life to you in the form of TOL- thanks to Spoons for this awesome link-up!

'Ok, so today is Thursday which mean I've got to prep breakfast and lunch for tomorrow this afternoon as I have cross country on Friday and I also need to whip something up for tonight to take to acrobatics however I need to make sure I'll have enough containers and what can I make that will be portable...' 

^Welcome to my brain^

At this current stage in my life I have found myself in the position of having to make around 80% of my meals portable...

Pre-breakfast on the way to cross country training:

And so the current state of my brain is constantly thinking about what meal I need to prep for the next day in order to have food in my belly when I need it!

'Man this banana with nut butter is so good! Why have I never thought of doing this before? Uh oh, spent too long photographing my banana and nut butter- eat Steph, EAT!'
'Just one more, I didn't get it on this angle!' :)

There has never been a time in my life where I've had so many different sized containers to bring around with me until now...

'Breakfast- done. Snack- done. Lunch- done! BOOM Steph you're a machine!'
'Ok, time to relax. Haha good joke Steph, you're a funny guy girl!'Now what in foods name am I gonna pre-prepare for dinner?? Wait, what have I even eaten today? Did I make that salad for today or yesterday. Or was that for tomorrow? Meh- I feel like a veggie mash- I wonder if that would taste good cold?'
Sometimes I get pretty random and creative in what I consider an easily portable meal. I'm sure not many people would think of a big veggie mash!
This was some steamed pumpkin, parsnip, beetroot and swede, mashed up with some falafel:
'Ahh, look at that yummy baby food. Lol, it's ok, only mum will see me eat this ;)'

My other favourite foods to prepare would be roasted veg but sometimes there just ain't no time in the day to roast up some pumpkin- so mash it is!

'Ok, pre-breakfast, breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner- DONE! I hope no body needs any containers! :)'

So that is a typical day with my brain in regards for food prepping! Fun times, right? It is interesting to look at my life now and then look back later when I might have all the time in the world- or even less time and think to myself- 'Wow, life changes all the time!'

Your turn:
Does your current life leave you having to prepare meals ahead of time/ days?
Favourite portable meals?
Ever make weird meals when you know it's just you/ someone you know really well that will see you eat it?

Once again, big thanks to Amanda for hosting this awesome link-up- be sure to head on over to see what everyone else is Thinking about. Have a fabulous rest of your day guys and make sure to do something you love! Bye for now!! :D


  1. I love the banana with the pb inside of it! I eat that all the time and have never thought to sandwich it like that :P

    1. I first saw it on Chocolate Covered Katie's blog and new I had to re-create it! She called them banana hammocks ;)
      Steph 2 chef xx


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