Sunday, 12 April 2015

Food photography practice!

Hey guys!

There is always one major thing that draws me to blogs (and keeps me there). At first I thought it was the style/ lay out/ overall first impression (and to a point it is) but what really makes me keep coming back for more is the beautiful pictures.

Professional, pretty, adorned with decorations to make whatever they're photographing look that much better. If you have pretty pictures, you have my love!

After considering this in my head, I thought to myself- well, why don't I try to make my pictures prettier/ more photogenic/ even add in a few decorations here and there (nothing too over the top, maybe just a few of the ingredients in the recipe, or a place mat etc.) It's something I really want to work on- my food photography- and seeing as I have an expensive proper camera (thanks Dad!) why not put a little more effort into the plates I'm photographing!

I also happen to have a slight obsession with food photography and when done right, just makes a food look 10,0000x more appealing.

From a scroll through the internet:
 You see?!?

Now I've dabbled a bit with a light box and have had some success, even though mine was a very rudimentary version:
 Yep, that's just a cut up cardboard box with white sheets :) though I will admit that I got some pretty good shots from it:

 I'm sure as we head on further into the cold and dark depths of winter that I will recover my box (wherever it has disappeared to) and set it back up  so my food can be seen! (You know, so you can see the actual colours of the dish and what foods are in it etc. ;)

Today I lucked out and the day was sunny (probably should have scheduled my run for today!) so I thought I might play around with a favourite breakfast creation of mine... along with some photography!
 No- this is not the food photography practice I was talking about- this was a point camera and click to show you what I created! A chocolate protein oatmeal bake!
 Along with a very simple smoothie of frozen berries, half a banana, greek yoghurt and water:
 The result- an awesome breakfast!
 To make the bake (because, let's be serious, who doesn't want to make this bake?) I simply threw in a bowl:
1/2 cup rolled oats
3 big spoons muesli (no fruit)
some flax flakes (optional)
a few big dashes of cinnamon
1 scoop choc protein powder
small handful cacao nibs (optional- replace with choc chips, or just leave out)
 1/2 mashed banana
1/2 cup almond milk, slightly heated
  And let it thicken slightly before pouring into a mini loaf pan and popping in the oven at 180 degrees celsius for 20-25 mins until set and slightly hard on top! Remove from pan and leave to cool slightly for around 10 mins. Top with anything you like (I can vouch for nut butter!)
Easy peasy simple pimple!
And after letting this bad boy cook, cool and warm up some peanut butter and mixed nut butter- I experimented with some photography!

 Got the fork out:

 Fork shot:
 Inside view:
 Cliché food on fork shot:
 Then I got hungry and ate it! :) Soooo yummy!

Your turn:
Do you get drawn to blogs based on the pictures? 
Do you try and jazz up your shots with decorations and props? I really need to start trying this!
Any sneaky tips/ tricks you use to take awesome pics? Any light box fans/ users out there?

That's it for today folks- have a fabulous Monday, smile often, give someone a big hug and have a great day! Bye for now!! :D

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