Thursday, 2 April 2015

Thinking Out Loud- apple love!


It has come to that time of the week again where my brain is dead, (thank you 5 tests scheduled for the same week!) my writing abilities are not what you would call inspiring and my desire to think too hard about much at all is relatively low. So the thinking that will be done today will be out loud, Spoons style!

Let's hit it!

1. Oats in a jar are awesome right? Right. But what happens when you want oats in a jar, but don't have an almost empty jar of something to put said oats in? Well, I guess you could forcefully push them into your 3/4 full jar of peanut butter... but I'm guessing that might be a little over a serving- that's coming from me, too!

So what's a girl to do?
Now, every time I made a warm bowl of oats, I make sure to spread some nut butter around the inside and then pour in half the oats, then drop in a little extra nut butter to the middle, top with remaining oats and top with some nut butter- nut butter in every spoon! Genius, no?
A little over-filled, but no complaining over here :)
Eaten alongside some banana fro-yo (1/2 frozen banana whazzed up with 3 big spoons greek yoghurt)
Hidden delights!

2. Anyone else a big fan of one pan meals? Of course you are! Me too, especially when one pan transforms into one awesome panini!
All my panini fillings (veggie burger, capsicum, thinly sliced carrot, eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms) in a non-stick fry pan over medium heat until char-grilled and delicious! (mushies and zucchini generally come out first)

Spread with hommus and topped with spinach and tomato. No words. Only drool.

3. In other amazing food news...
This past week on Monday I had the best apple in the universe.
You see, when I cut up my apple (or any fruit for that matter) I always sneak a little bite before I sit down (you know I really stand) to enjoy it. So I cut up this apple, snuck a bite and the whole world dissolved around me- no joke!
Let me just paint a picture for you. Ok so imagine yourself in your kitchen/ living room/ dining room/ bed room/ outside/ verandah/ wherever it is that you would eat an apple, then you take your first bite of said apple and you experience the crispiest, crunchiest, juiciest, sweetest (but not too sweet), acidic (to balance the sweetness), appliest (new word) sensation.
That was me Monday afternoon at 4:13pm.
That is why I took 75.3 billion photos of this one apple.
The apple was amazing. I'm weird. The stats add up people!
Ok, I think I may be scaring a few of you with this ridiculous number of apple shots.. so I'll stop (yes- stop, I had more :).

Lastly I'll leave you with my favourite quote of the week:

Ahhh life, you just crack me up sometimes!

Your turn:
Do you spread nut butter around your bowls (or cups :) before scooping in your hot oats?
Have you ever experienced the best apple? If so, what type of apple was it?
Favourite panini filling? My friend is always talking about this pesto and semi-dried tomato one she makes and I definitely think it should enter my mouth soon!

So that's just me Thinking Out Loud! Make sure you head on over to Spoons to see what everyone else is thinking about (probably not apples...)

Bye friends!! :D


  1. So that DIY OIAJ may just be the most genius thing EVER. I haven't been eating as many oats because of my current smoothie addiction, but when I'm in the mood, I'll definitely be trying that out!

  2. Amanda,
    I can't believe it took me this long to create my own OIAJ type thing :) Also, I'm sure I'll be on the smoothie train again soon- something about winter makes me crave them? Ahh life! ;)
    Steph 2 chef xxx


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