Wednesday, 22 April 2015

WIAW #53

Hello, hello!
Just popping in quickly, with barely any time at all, to bless you all with a look into a full day of eating! WIAW style!

These eats feature my last day of the school hols before heading into term 2 (ie. yesterday) and yes, I made some of my favourites to lift my spirits! ;)

Thanks as always to Peas and Crayons for hosting this awesome weekly link-up!

Breakfast: 7:45am
Guys- this is my last mango that I froze at the beginning of Summer!
After a short run I made myself a delicious brekky of steel cut banana cinnamon oats and a creamy green smoothie!
Perfect re-fueling fuel!

Into the blender went 1/2 frozen banana + 1/2 frozen mango + 3 big scoops greek yoghurt + handful kale + handful spinach + 1/2 cup water- whazzed!
Topped (and hidden) with crunchy peanut butter ;)
Lunch: 12:30pm
I was pretty hungry, so I went about making this big ol' salad filled with spinach, red cabbage, peas, corn, carrot, snow peas, cucumber and some spicy eggplant falafel, along with some oven roasted chestnuts- nom!!
Definitely did the trick and filled me up!
It was also one of those meals where I finished and felt truly satisfied- you know the ones where you know that's exactly what your body ordered?
Snack: 4pm
1 crunchy, crisp, juicy pear with some crunchy grapes:
And a mug of soy milk :)
Happy days!
Dinner: 7:00pm
Enter pumpkin, enter lukewarm water mixed with yeast:
Enter PIZZA! (My secret? Add a touch of pumpkin to the yeast mixture and the  natural sugars act like adding a teaspoon of table sugar- the yeast loves it!)
Topped with all the yummy toppings- no-added-salt tomato paste, mushrooms, eggplant, capsicum, onion, olives, semi-dried tomatoes, vegan cheese and pesto!
It's the smell of cooking pizza that gets me every time!

Perfect end-of-holidays dinner :)
Get in the gob!
Aaaaand that's what I ate!

Tell me:
Do you make yourself your favourites on tough day-befores?
Ever made yourself a meal that made your entire body smile?
Favourite pizza toppings?

Ok, off to go back to my busy life! Like I'm trying to do right now- stop and smell the roses, smile and give someone a hug! Bye for now friends! :D


  1. I LOVE that pizza tip! I'm definitely a pizza junkie. Looks delish!

  2. Laura,
    I kind of did it by accident one time (just using the same spoon I used to scoop in the pumpkin to stir the yeast) and the dough came out really good! Mistakes make everything more awesome!
    Steph 2 chef xx

  3. Your salad looks delicious. I love big salads for lunch, especially when they're really like colorful, like yours. And adding roasted chestnuts...brilliant! Why have I never thought to add them. I just added chestnuts to my grocery list.

    1. Mrs B,
      I always forget chestnuts exist- and then I see them in the shops and am like; I LOVE THESE!
      They are a bit of a nuisance to peel though... ahh well, definitely worth it!
      Steph 2 chef xx

  4. Replies
    1. Faith,
      Haha- thanks very much!! :)
      Steph 2 chef xx


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