Sunday, 3 May 2015

Coconutty beans!

Hi there friendly friends!
Now, I have a confession to make.
Just like, I'm sure a lot of others were/ are the same, the saturated fat content in coconut scared the heck out of me... to the point where I didn't eat it.
And then I tried coconut butter for the first time....
Let's just say there was no going back after that!

But then I started reading more and more into the properties of coconut and the way the fat acts in our bodies- and the fact that it's a natural food grown straight from mother nature!!- why the heck could I possibly think it to be so bad?
Or maybe I just read Michele's blog too much! ;)
Any who, where I'm getting at with this is the fact that I'm so upset that I went so long without embracing the awesome flavour, texture, aroma, satisfying-ness and general out-of-this-world amazing-ness that is coconut... everything! (Did you follow all that?)

This though became absolutely apparent when I went about making my day a few days back and decided to use coconut oil to mix things up a bit! Best. Decision. Ever.

Firstly I roasted up a Japanese white sweet potato:
(My favourite type of potato. Maybe even my favourite vegetable full stop. Yeh.)
Of course if you roast up a sweet potato it needs to either be topped/ stuffed with something. Always. So I decided to get a little creative, drawing upon my oven-roasted bean idea and instead making some crispy fry pan beans... Crispy, coconut fry pan beans!
Into a heated fry pan went a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil, melted up, then some drained and rinsed 4-beans and corn. Heated on high for around 5-10 mins until they sort of burst out of their skins and became slightly crispy.
There was still some leftover oil in the pan after I scooped my coconutty beans into the sweet potato, so I fried up 2 eggs in the remainder.... no words people, no words.
And we can't forget about the oven roasted brussels sprouts:
They were pretty good too! (my method involves steaming them until soft and then roasting them for around 20 mins until slightly charred :)
But those beans though! Paired with a roasted sweet potato= perfection!
I bet they would taste amazing in any salad, wrap, as a side or just as a full-on meal themselves. I'm not gonna lie- there was a goofy grin on my face as I devoured this plate of food :)

So the next time you go to cook something with plain old olive oil- maybe take a second and think; 'Would this taste good with coconut oil?' and more often than not the answer will be yes ;)

Your turn:
Do you use coconut oil?
Favourite food to cook in it?
Favourite thing to top a sweet potato with?

I hope you all have a fabulous day, enjoy every second and of course eat something yummy! Bye for now!! :D

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