Monday, 4 May 2015

Supplements.. my thoughts

Hey there guys! How's life treating you today? Is the sun shining? Is the rain.. raining? Either way have you got a smile on your face?

I sure hope so!

Now, onto the topic I want to discuss today- Supplements. The things we need a little extra of and that most of us are taking in one form or another.

Whether it be meal supplements, dietary supplements; vitamin D, calcium, iron, folate, magnesium, zinc... I could go on for a while... I'm pretty sure a lot of us would fall under the supplement-taking category.

However I also know that there are others out there who don't agree with taking supplements, who think it's completely unnecessary and a lazy-persons way of getting the nutrients they can gain from eating a healthy balanced diet.

And I was one of those people.

In fact I still kinda think I am... though I do take 4 different supplements?

See, when I first became vegetarian, I wasn't prepared. I didn't research into all the nutrients I would need to seek out and find other sources of, I didn't really change my way of eating all that much. I just took out the meat part. And just ate what was left.

Typical dinner:
Typical breakfast:
Typical lunch:
You see? Not the most nutrient dense foods. Of course, I was not feeling great and it took me getting quite sick before I managed to turn my diet around.. but we've already gone into that before!

However I wasn't taking any supplements either.

So why now, that my diet is filled with tons of veggies, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and so many wonderful nutrients my body craves, do I take supplements?

It's easy- because I know that in my current lifestyle where I'm a vegetarian, growing teenage girl, as well as an endurance runner and a stress-head going into exams... my body is going to need extra help, extra love and extra nutrients.
I take Vitamin-D tablets because some days I'm stuck at school all day and don't see the sun, vit-D also helps with the absorption of other nutrients- so it's a win-win! I take magnesium to help with my bones and joints and recovery from running. I take iron to make sure I keep those levels up as sometimes it's hard to always get in those dark leafy greens and pulses. And I take protein because sometimes I need that extra boost, extra dose of pre-thought out delicious-ness that I can fall back on when life gets hectic.

In a nutshell? Life is hectic at the moment and sometimes when I'm rushing about like a headless chicken throwing random edible food stuffs into a Tupperware container, I might miss out some some vital nutrients and, right now, a plunge back into the fatigue and lack of nutrients of a couple years back is not something I need at the moment!
Also in a nutshell (this is a pretty big nutshell alright!) I believe 100% that our diets can supply us with all the nutrients we need to prosper in our daily lives, that supplements aren't always the answer, but if you find some days/ weeks/ months just leave you with no time/ energy/ motivation to ensure balanced meals everyday- then get that little extra help. Just don't fill yourself with junk and expect a magic little pill to fix all your problems. It won't. Try as best you can to fill up on nutrient dense foods and if you discover you're lacking in something, maybe take some action- whether that be reviewing your diet and making some changes or adding in a supplement because you just need that extra helper.

At the end of the day it comes down to what you feel is the right course of action for you, this post is purely to inform you as to why I take supplements and what I believe. Now it's your turn!

Do you take any supplements?
Do you try and change up your diet a bit if you feel yourself lacking in something?
Any amazing supplement stories? I know I have a few friends who were anemic without knowing and when they started taking an iron pill- oh my word! They were different people!

That's it for today folks! I hope I've left you with something to think about and feel free to add your own thoughts about the topic in the comment section below. Until next time! Bye!! :D

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