Sunday, 31 May 2015


Hello spiky friends!



Why yes, spiky, like a...


Ok, now that I have sufficiently confused you all with the best intro ever, how about I actually start making some sense. Yes? Yes!

In all actual-blog-post-related-ness, this post is about pineapples. (Surprise!)
I love pineapple. I love it on pizza, in a fruit salad, as a flavour for icypoles/lollies/ lip balm etc. (well when I used to eat packaged icypoles and lollies... and wear lip balm- geez I've changed a lot!) Most of all I love just snacking on a big ol' chunk of the sweet acidic fruit.

So, when I saw some beautiful looking pineapple halves for sale in the grocery store the other day I just had to pick one up and because I seem to have an obsession with buying all different kinds of fruits and freezing them... I did just that with my perfectly ripe coalesced berries!

What did I do with them you ask? Whazzed em' up to make some pineapple/banana fro-yo! 3 words: Y. U. M.
Ooh, hello there sneaky feet, photo-bombing my pineapple fro-yo pick!
Into the food processor went 1 frozen banana + 4 big chunks frozen pineapple + 3 spoons of greek yoghurt- whazzed until smoothy-smooth (scraping down the sides occasionally).
There's one thing about pineapple that I'm quite pedantic about- I love the fresh stuff! The tinned stuff is just a bit too sweet and concentrated in flavour for me. This fro-yo was perfect- perfectly sweet and perfectly tangy!
Breakfast didn't stop there though (even though a big bowl of this pineapple fro-yo would've been juuust fine). On top of the creamy awesome-ness was some peanut/coconut butter granola creating a sort of frozen crumble type thing:
In my granola was oats, oat bran, cacao nibs, cinnamon and pepita seeds, along with some peanut/coconut butter and almond milk too!
Yellow spoon to eat it all up with of course!
I would definitely recommend trying out some frozen pineapple, either on it's own as a sort of all-natural pineapple icypole, in a smoothie for some tropical flavour, or whazzed up with a frozen banana and greek yoghurt for some beautifully creamy and tangy frozen yoghurt.
Very good combination if I do say so myself!

A little bit of summer sunshine to brighten up my cold and wintry day!

What about you:
Are you a fan of pineapple? I know some people can't eat it because of how acidic/ harsh it is on thier mouth.
Favourite way to eat pineapple? I seriously do love some pineapple on a pizza- remind me of my childhood favourite pizza- Hawaiin!
Ever added frozen pineapple to anything?

That's it for today folks, I hope you all have a fabulous day, eat some yummy foods and just enjoy all the wonderful (big AND small) things that happen :) Bye friends!! :D
Seriously though, those moments... ;)

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