Sunday, 23 August 2015

A different kind of grilled cheese...

Hello friendly friends!

The other day I was mindlessly scrolling through food websites (as a dedicated food lover does) and suddenly my focus zoomed in on this miraculous piece of food creation that immediately made my eyes light up and my mouth water.

I could just taste the delightful flavours, the awesome mouth feel, the crunch, the soft, the warm, the gooey.

Any guesses?

How about a picture of said ----
Yep, that my friends is a grilled cheese and pesto sandwich!

Of course I knew I was going to re-create this. And soon.

I also knew there would be a few little tweaks to make it more Steph-tummy friendly and yet just as delicious...

And here it is:

I started off making up a batch of my delicious basil pesto (with all the good stuff; pine nuts, nutritional yeast, basil, extra virgin olive oil, a splash of water, some spinach and lemon juice)
and dolloping some onto a piece of dark, wholemeal, grainy bread.
I also whipped up some equally delicious vegan cheese:
Made with 1 heaped tablespoon of hommus + 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast + 2 tablespoons water, mixed together and then microwaved for 30 seconds to thicken up (stirred again until smooth).
Topping off the pesto with some 'cheeeeese':
Followed by another slice of bread and then into the toasted sandwich press!!
Oh yes!
The combination of the delicious basil-y pesto with the cheesy hommus on the toasted, warm, crunchy bread... it was definitely a winner.

Just check out that 'cheese' action:
This sandwich was pretty much devoured the minute after I had finished taking photos. Like, DEVOURED!

To ensure the bread remained crisp and crunchy, not soggy, of course! That was my only reason... ;)
The leftover pesto went to good use too:
Might as well make everything taste epic if you're using pesto!

And boy, how awesome it did taste indeed!
So next time you're stuck for ideas about what to put between your slices of bread, give this awesome combo a try, I promise it will not disappoint! (In fact it will leave you with ridiculous cravings for another one as you type up a post about this beautiful sandwich... from personal experience).

Your turn:
What's your favourite combo with cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich? Because I don't generally eat cheese all that often any more I generally like my grilled sandwiches with a veggie patty and tomato. As a kid my favourite grilled cheese was made with baked beans- so good!
Have you ever had a pesto and grilled cheese sandwich? I think it's one of my new favourites!
Favourite use for pesto? Pizza, no debate. Oooh, except for pasta- pesto is sooo good with pasta. Okay I'll stop ;).

I hope you all have a fabulous day, take some time to appreciate all the awesome things in your life, and as always, eat something delicious!! Bye friends! :D

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