Monday, 3 August 2015

Avocado- more than just guac!!

Quick, first thing that comes to your head when you see...
Now, I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and assume that the majority of people would go straight to guacamole. Go to the shops to buy an avocado? Probably making guac (unless you're part of the more creative food blogging community who buys it, freezes it and whazzes it into smoothies!) But I'm talking in general.
You may/may not know this (I think I've mentioned it once or twice) but avocados and I have a long and complicated past. Long in the sense that I only really truly started eating them and enjoying them around a year and a half ago and complicated in that I told myself I absolutely detested them for the 14+ years prior to that. I mean, who goes up to their worst enemy one day and says; 'I love you!'


It's all good though, now. Avocado has forgiven me :)

Anywho, even though I have only been enjoying avocados for a short, sweet time, I have come to realise that they are truly an amazing food. Like eggs, they can magically change the properties and textures of dishes and their mild flavour means I can add them to just about anything- sweet and savoury!

Heck, if you miraculously find yourself mindlessly scrolling through pinterest (this happens way too often to me!) and you type in avocado, the grand array of different types of recipes that pop up is astounding! Anything from the famous avocado chocolate mousse to ice cream, cupcakes, cookies, brownies and more!
I have also been one to dabble with avocados magical properties, as shown in my own version of avocado ice cream:
My favourite chocolate green monster smoothie: 
Using it's creamy properties in a pasta sauce:
And of course, the many many times I have mashed up my avocado with some lemon juice and enjoyed it as guacamole like the rest of the world :)
So where am I going with this?
I simply wanted to make it known that food should be experimented with. We should be constantly trying new ideas out on foods that have traditional meals associated with them. Only then will we come across the ridiculously awesome creations like the creamy chocolate avocado mousse, or the vegan meringue made from the juice of chickpeas.
Never stop by just eating your food as it comes. Play with it (yep, you're allowed!) and discover all the different tastes/textures/appearances these foods can create. 
Of course there are days when I just slice open my avo and chop it up to place it on top of a piece of toast with an egg, or baked beans, or the best combo ever:
Avocado + Vegemite on a wholemeal toasted crumpet. Perfection.

So here's to avocado; so much more than meets the eye!

Your turn:
How do you eat avocado?
Do you ever find yourself sticking to certain foods with certain meals because it's traditional?
Most creative dish you've made with a strange ingredient (for said meal)?

Just food for thought on this fine Monday! Hope you all have a fabulous day, eat something delicious and just smile! Bye friends!! :D

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