Sunday, 30 August 2015

Back to Training!

Hidy-ho folks!
It doesn't seem all that long ago that I was whining like a big baby complaining about the lack of time I had with early morning cross country trainings before school and all the meal prepping I had to do before-hand.

Just when I though life could start calming down a little I could get back to slower, more relaxing (whilst still not that relaxing... I still have school!) mornings, I am back at the school oval when the sun's just starting to rise, in my sports uniform and runners, warming up for the interschool athletics team!

So it's back to Stephanie rushing around with crazy-frizzball hair (sweat and my hair don't mix) rushing from here to there trying to sort out what I need to prep in advance to make the following day a little easier.

Want an example?
My Friday looked like this:

Woke up, changed, scoffed a small brekky before training, got my but kicked at training (middle distances are hard!!), changed into my school uniform, had school, rushed home, changed into work uniform, rushed to work, came home, died. Almost.

So where do I have enough time to make anything to eat in a day like that?

The answer is the night before, and here's a look at the food I prepped the night before this hectic Friday:

My pre-training breakfast was four pitted dates filled and then surrounded with different nut butters:
So delicious and perfect fuel for me!

The night before I whipped up some banana + rhubarb steel cut oats, let them cool and placed them in the fridge, eating them cold the next day after training:
Great recovery fuel!
I also roasted up some pumpkin, purple carrot and beetroot the night before and made a salad with the roast veg, toasted pine nuts + sunflower seeds + pepitas, spinach, tomato, lentils and orange/ lemon juice squeezed over
Seeing as I was also making my dinner for that night on Thursday, I decided my Friday dinner could be a simple 'breakfast' affair with some toast spread with Vegemite and avocado, boiled eggs, baked beans and greek yoghurt (separate bowls of course ;) finished with a handful of brazil nuts.

So, even though I didn't have a spare minuted in between everything that was happening Friday, my little prep the night before helped immensely!  I sure was happy to see food after that grueling training!

What about you?
Do you food prep?
What's your favourite meals to prep in advance?
Are you a fan of cold oats? I'm not going to lie, they did taste a little bland, but I was too hungry to care!

That's it from me today folks, I hope you have a lovely day and eat something yummy! Bye!! :D


  1. Wow you are super dedicated!!!!

    1. Anonymous,
      I guess when it's school training I have to be! ;)
      Steph 2 chefxx


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