Thursday, 12 February 2015

Fad diets- a few of my favourites!

Hey, hey, hey! Yep, you are so awesome you deserve three hey's! Feel welcomed yet? Good! (me just assuming you said yes ;)

Guess what's been popping up for the thousandth time at my local hang out place (that be school)? Fad diets!! All the fad diets!! Crazy delusional girls loving on the fad diets!! (I'm sure the girls are not actually crazy or delusional... they just act like it ;)

Now I've done my fair share of preaching to my fellow, generally feminine, teenage peers (see here, here, here) and quite frankly I'm not in the mood for preaching today.

So instead I thought I would share with you some hilarious (yet utterly terrifying) fad diets I have come across in my whole 16 years (well, probably 2 years, as that's how long I've been actively hearing and learning about different diets)
Warning- this is a light-hearted post and anything I share is not meant to offend etc. Thanks :P

Now, I guess we should start off with some less ridiculous (but still extremely ridiculous) diet trends that have genuinely seized many many followers...

1. The baby food diet:
Yep- the baby food diet. For adults. Something is not quite adding up.
A diet quite similar to a liquid diet, praised for weight loss. That's all I've got to say about it.
Except for- SERIOUSLY???

2. The lemon and lime diet:
As the name suggests that is what the diet consists of. Lemons and lime. Oh and water! substantial right?
3. Kicking things up a notch we've got the tapeworm diet.
Without going into too much detail this diet involves tape worms.
Ok you probably need a bit more detail than that. You ingest the tape worm pills let the little parasitic worms to grow and then let them eat all your food. Delightful.

4. The WW11 ration diet. Yep I think that's explanation enough.

  5.The lemonade diet:
For all those who don't like eating food.
This diet entails drinking. Drinking lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper all stirred together in 2 cups of water! Yum! You can also drink some salt water in the morning for a nice cleanse!
Some of the promises of this diet:
Diarrhea, dizziness and vomiting from the salt water are just a few.

6. The Sleeping Beauty Diet:
Healthy nights rest is pretty essential for weight loss/ maintenance so why not sedate yourself for days on end? Bound to make you drop those pesky kilos, right?

7. Quite possibly the worst diet I found would have to be the amputation diet. I'm sure your imagination is already coming up with a plethora of wonderful images and most of them would be quite accurate! You literally chop things off and watch the weight drop with it! Ok, so it says to start with fingernails, haircut, removal of body hair etc. Then things escalate quickly! The list goes from run a marathon on a hot day straight to amputating your arm/ leg and continues further to eating no food all day, no liquids all day and then of course if things get really dire, donating a kidney. You will lose 3 pounds getting rid of that extra organ. Super!
Well.... wow.
That's all I've got to say.
I figured there would be crazy diets out there... but these? Really?

It's all fun and jokes when you think about these fad diets, but the hard truth is even the seemingly not so crazy (but still just as detrimental to your health) diets are being taken up everyday with good intentions and full confidence and consent.

It would be asking too much for the world to rid themselves of fad diets and just stick to listening to their bodies, eating what makes them feel good and respecting themselves but I just hope that people can see that the above fads are not okay. Or safe. Or vaguely natural. Yep.

Your thoughts?
Have you ever tried a fad diet? How long did it last?
Craziest diet you've heard of?
Would you cut off an arm to lose weight? ;)

This is me just Thinking Out Loud. Head on over to Spoons to see what some other thinkers are thinking about!
Bye for now friends! Have a great day! :D


  1. I did the I Quit Sugar diet last year and it was super tough! The premise is that you reduce fructose intake because it apparently bypasses your kidneys and focus on other sugars like lactose and glucose (the sugar we actually need to live) etc . As much as I disliked being on it, it did make me realise I was unknowingly eating ALOT of sugar. I was having massive sugar withdrawals and I had no idea how addicted I was to it!

  2. I have no idea why ANYONE would voluntarily choose the baby food diet. I absolutely have to eat baby food and 90% of my food pureed because of my gastroparesis for easy digestibility, but do you know how much I'd give to be able to eat textured food?! I swear I can't stand today's world!

  3. Little Miss Mana,
    I think diets like the one you were on are good short term reality checks that make you realise- like you said for example, how much sugar we eat. When I quit sugar it was amazing how many of the foods I was eating were packed with sugar!!
    I agree with you entirely- what's wrong with solid foods? Sometimes I do like a big mash of something or some mushy oats, but pureed baby food for all your meals? No thanks!
    Steph 2 chef xx

  4. Jeez these are ridiculous...what has our society come to?! And the Paleo diet picture at the top cracked me up!

  5. Kaylin,
    Yes, these were the most ridiculous fad diets I could find!! But, still- they exist! Also I thought the paleo pic was pretty funny too ;)
    Steph 2 chef x

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