Friday, 20 February 2015

Welcome to me!

Happy Saturday everyone! Yay for the weekend! I had the busiest week ever and I can't tell you how glad I am to finally have a weekend and a rest!!

I say 'I' a lot don't I?

Which I guess sort of makes sense seeing this thing here is my blog. Though I (there it is again) don't feel as though you really know the girl behind the words and the pretty (most of the time) food pictures.

One of the reasons why this is the case? Probably me being self conscious. I don't take pictures of myself (sorry no #selfies over here) and therefore don't post pictures of myself.

So this post is a big step for me. Pictures of me. So you get to know me. That's a lot of me!

Ok, so you probably have all picked up by now that I like to runner. I would consider one of my defining characteristics to be- runner. I also sweat and scrunch my face and, yes, there has once even been a few tears while out running and I definitely do not look awesome after a run... so here it is:
 Check out the hair!!
 Rockin' it Steph!
I am also one of those people who likes to drink everything out of jars- so here is a picture of my re-hydrating water:

I also made myself a super thick and super delicious green smoothie for brekky in a jar that was 1 frozen banana + 1 chopped frozen mango+ 2 big handfuls of kale+ 3 big scoops greek yoghurt + sprinkle of chia seeds plus some squeezed orange juice and water:
 With some wholemeal crumpets on the side smothered in nut butter. You know me.
I am also a big candidate for showers. Showers are good for the soul. So is washing one's hair. So this is me after doing both: (probably a good idea after a run)

 You've also probably noticed that I talk a lot about the masses of homework I am receiving this year (year 11 is tuff stuff!) but if I am honest I do feel good after completing that ominously looming stack of work and sometimes I even enjoy doing it!
 Especially out in the sun. Which brings me to another favourite of mine. If I had to choose between Summer and Winter I would kick \Winter out into the farthest galaxy in our universe (and if there are other universes out there than I would kick it there) and tell it takie it's cold and grey and gloom with it and to never come back. Ever.
In other words- I love the sun!
So homework in the sun makes everything more fun! (I should write poetry.)
My favorutie people in the world include my family. None of which are home at the moment... good opportunity for a family portrait, huh? Well I'll just have to show you one family member that is here!
 Ash the fearsome Bull terrier!
Just kidding, she's a Maltese/ silky terrier ;)
 She's also such a poser too!

Ok, family done.
friends- I love my friends, we have lots of fun.
Us going on our river cruise- yep I'm that short one in the middle :P

You also probably know that I have a popcorn fetish...
It's pretty intense.

I love art- drawing, acrobatics, music- playing the flute, annnd a bunch of other stuff!! Like cooking. I kinda like that too. :D

So that's me. Do I look different than you expected? What did you expect? Maybe don't answer that... I know you all thought I was a unicorn.

Your turn:
Are you self conscious?
If you have a blog do you post pics of yourself?
Do you selfie? ;)

That's it for today folks- just a fun little post to kick off the weekend! Have a fabulous day!! Bye! :D

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