Sunday, 1 February 2015


Morning sun-shines! Happy Birthday to me I'm 103 16!! Whoop Whoop!! And I'm off to go celebrate at school- yes the first day of school happens to coincide with my birthday. Love it. (Shall eat my favourite smoothie bowl for brekky before though!) Now onto the post!

Can you believe that as a kid I didn't really like hash browns at all. They were too salty and potato-y and crispy and oily. If they were available, I wouldn't even look twice.

Then something happened.

I decided to try making my own.

You can see some of my previous ones here and here. Now I love them.
Of course the ones I make are slightly different to the typical fried shredded potato delights in that they are grain free (no plain flour), egg free (some recipes called for eggs), dairy free (no butter added to these bad boys) and filled with a lot more vitamins, nutrients and flavour because of the inclusion of several other delicious root veggies.

However in my most recent hash brown-y type creations I only used potato.

Just several different types ;)
For these out-of-this-world delicious hashies I grated about 1/4 medium potato, 1/2 small sweet potato and half a small white sweet potato and mixed together in a bowl. Then I added a tablespoon of chickpea/ besan flour and a tablespoon of oil and mixed (with my hands) everythiung together until combined.
Easy- peasy, simple-pimple!
All you have to do then is preheat a non-stick fry pan, form the potato mixture into balls in your hands (squeeze hard to make sure they stay together and flatten out in your pan to brown on both sides:
Smells amazing too!
I typically fry my hash browns until nice and golden and crispy and then whack them on a baking tray to go in the oven at a low heat for around 20 mins while I prepare the rest of my dinner so they are nice and cooked through and soft and mmmmmmm when dinner is ready!
Crispy goodness!
Et voila! Dinner:
My delicious hash borwns with some steamed pumpkin, parsnip, beetroot and swede, fresh spinach, chopped cucumber and tomato and a torn up lentil burger. Hit. The. Spot!
So many veggies, so much love!
Seriously- those hash browns though!
I think the addition of the white sweet potato just bring them up to this whole new level and add a sweetness and beautiful texture that normal potato just can't achieve. White sweet potato- you are still my favourite!

Tell me your thoughts:
Do you like hash browns?
Do you have them for breakfast? I hear they are a breakfast food... although I think dinner is good for hash browns too! ;)
Favourite type of potato?

That's it from me today folks! Make sure you have yourself a very awesome day, possible filled with hash browns, definitely filled with love, laughter and happiness! See ya later! :D

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