Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Hi everyone! How are we all today? How about this for an awesome picture:
Feeling motivated yet? How about some food then! :D

I boiled up a big bunch of beans (alliteration win!!) on the weekend to use for lunches this week was really chuffed with myself at being so prepared and organised... until I realised I would get bored of plain beans. Quickly. My solution? Bean burgers!!
In the mornings of school days I have very little time (next to none when I run) so prepping lunches the night before is pretty vital in the sense that I eat. :) So Sunday night I whazzed up some of those boiled white beans, ground cumin, coriander, nutritional yeast and garlic, then stirred in some cooked millet, chopped red onion and capsicum. Formed into balls and placed in the freezer for 30 mins before frying them up!

Super simple, super delicious and taste even better the next day cold!! Booya!!
 The millet added awesome texture and delicious chewyness and gave the patties extra volume= happy Steph!
 Simply cooled down, placed on a plate, covered in glad wrap and then popped in the fridge until needed the next morning as I'm running around like a mad thing trying to shower/ dress/ inhale water/ pack bag/.... you get the picture.
 Plonked on top of a simple salad (also prepped the night before) of spinach, carrot, cherry tomatoes, celery, capsicum, cucumber and kale.
Aaaand some salsa- because salsa takes everything to the next level! ;)

Also, remember when I posted about time-consuming dinners and quick throw-together meals? Well today I have a quick-go-to-portable dinner that saved my hungry belly from eating itself:
 A delicious blend of multi-grain quinoa pasta, sauteed eggplant, red onion, mushrooms, capsicum and asparagus with some steamed beetroot, parsnip and swede with some spinach, lentils, cannelini beans and nutritional yeast stirred in at the end (it was also a use up the leftover veggies dinner- talk about an over achiever!).
Stuffed into a container (yep, I managed to fit it all in) and popped in the fridge until required a couple of hours later.
Little close up:
So now you have some quick prepped ahead meal ideas up your sleeve! I mean, sure, you could make a sandwich and save all the prepping and time spent cooking and creating.... but sandwiches are boring. Bean burgers are exciting. Yeh, exciting.   :P

Your turn:
Do you ever have to prep food before a busy day?
Favourite lunch to pack?
Sandwiches or something else for lunches? I do enjoy the occasional sandwich every now and then- but everyday?? No thanks, this gal's gonna get bored!

Bye for now folks! Have a fabulous day!! :D

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