Tuesday, 3 February 2015

If there's a jar lying around...

Hi there friends! Having a good day? Hopefully you are, if not stay tuned for a weird breakfast of mine! Nothing new there though!

I woke up on this particular morning pretty hungry. I also had an almost empty jar of cacao hazelnut butter and a craving for overnight oats. Except I had not prepared some oats to soak overnight. So I placed some oats in a cup, spooned on a lot of greek yoghurt and some oat milk and let sit for a grand total of 30 minutes:
So what did I fill my almost empty jar with??
Any guesses??
Banana ice cream! Because everyone knows bananas and chocolate and ice cream and chocolate are best buddies- and I just rolled all three into one! You can literally fill a jar with anything and it will be awesome (when I say anything, you know I'm lying. Do not, I repeat do not put melted cheese, cinnamon and licorice in an almost empty jar) I usually rotate between oats, ice cream, overnight oats and... nope that's it. I should try some new jar fillers.
Pretty purple and yellow spoons to nom with. (Purple and yellow make a pretty good combo actually!)
Yeh, so the oats weren't as creamy or 'cooked like texture' as regualr overnight oats, but they were still pretty good!!

Ice cream and chocolate hazelnut butter:
With some cheesecake-y flavoured oats- that's like seven desserts in one!
Now, if you don't have a jar lying around, bowls work fine too:
Smoothie bowls for the win!
This particular smoothie was 1 frozen banana + 1 handful red grapes + 3 big scoops greek yoghurt + 1 handful of kale + 1 handful of spinach + sprinkle of chia seeds+ 1/2 cup almond milk- whazzed up until smooth.
Topped off with some almond butter granola:

Oh breakfast, how I love you so!
Yes, I may have over-filled this particular smoothie bowl and yes I may have spilled it a little bit.... but it was awesome, so I don't care!
We are not even going to talk about today's breakfast.

Ok, we are, because I need to vent. Or simply tell someone ;)

See I headed out for my run at around 6:10am thinking 'that's plenty of time before school!' then I realised I now run for like an hour and a half (see, I don't track my time I just come home when I'm tired) so I raced in the door, saw that I only had 20 minutes before we had to leave for school, jumped around trying to make lunch, and shower and stretch and gulp water and wash my hair and get in my uniform... so breakfast was some very quickly prepared oats with peanut butter that I scoffed down in 5 minutes! I hate eating rushed meals!! I was super hungry too!! Must plan that better... maybe overnight oats. Yep definitely overnight oats!

How about you?
What do you typically fill your almost empty jars with?
Do you like/ have you ever tried banana ice cream?
Ever have simply no time for breakfast? What do you eat when you're short on time?

Have a fabulous day friends! Bye! :D

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