Monday, 6 October 2014

Big brekky's and last 10-day-you-challenge!

I like big... brekky's and I cannot lie!
Hello friendly friends and happy Monday!
Now back to my happy breakfast song :)
Breakfast is without a doubt the biggest most filling meal of my day. Always at least one serve of fruit, always involving some sort of carb, generally protein filled and more often than not full of good fats (almost entirely in the form of nut butter)
I could never simply wake up and have a small tub of yoghurt, or a piece of toast, or a bowl of sugary cereal. This hungry gal needs her food, especially after 10+ hours of fasting!
I cringe when I think back to my primary school days of filling my bowl with sugary cereal (be it fruit loops, cocoa pops, crunchy nut) and that would be my breakfast. Or some toast with Nutella slathered on top. Can you blame me when this is what the ads were telling us:
I like the inclusion of the apple... coz that makes everything better! :/
Nowadays you would never catch me doing something silly like that. Instead you might see something as ridiculously tasty as this passing my lips:
A beautiful (and quite large!) green smoothie with a jar of cashew butter.
Haha just kidding, there were overnight oats in the jar:
Chocolate overnight oats :)
But Steph! That's no better than a chocolatey bowl of sugary cereal!?!
Well, not exactly. You see I used all natural raw muesli and added in some almond milk stirred with raw cacao to let sit overnight- full of fiber, low GI carbs, antioxidant and good fats ;)

Into my smoothie went 1 chopped frozen banana, a handful of frozen mango, a big handful of spinach, a big handful of kale, 3 spoons of greek yoghurt and a splash of almond milk:
Again filled with fiber from the fruit and veg, a good serving (or two!) of dark leafy greens and calcium for strong bones along with filling protein from the yoghurt and almond milk.
I used a new muesli brand that had fiber stick things and puffed rice and it turned sort of cakey- mmm cold creamy cake in the morning!
And to finish off my 10-day-you-challenge! (10 weeks later)
And so without any further a-do here is my one picture(of yourself):
 This was a couple of years ago, but I absolutely adore this picture, the calmness and angle is awesome- especially with little Ash's head facing the camera directly- too cute!

So that's it for the 10-day-you-challenge! Did you enjoy it? did you try some yourself? If not I give you the challenge to do one, it's pretty fun really- makes you actually think about yourself and what you like/ who you are :)

Do you like big brekky's?
Got a weakness for Nutella?
What is your favourite photo of yourself- go on! Be vain!

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