Wednesday, 29 October 2014

WAIW #29 A day of deliciousness!

Welcome Wednesday Party Goers!
Who's excited for the weekend? I am! Well, that being said I will probably be studying all weekend and then cleaning the pool (a girl's got to earn a living somehow) and then trying to rest up for the week ahead... but I'm still ready!
I'm also excited for this Wednesday on account of WIAW! Make sure to head on over to Peas and Crayons to have a sneaky peak at what everyone else has been nom-ing this fine day!

Shall we begin?

I started the day with water and two pitted dates, before heading out for a glorious early morning run!
On my return I prepared my lunch to take to school and breakfast:
2 wholemeal crumpets with cashew butter and peanut butter, with a side of grapes and a green nudie juice.

Guys, I love crumpets. There is something about them that is different from eveery other bread-like product that I just adore. I'm thinking it's the bubbles:
This was a very good/ very sad last bite (sad because it was so good)

Guess what! I mixed things up a bit today and took a container of corn for a morning snack instead of peas.. oooohhh!

I love corn.
Lunch was a quinoa, sauteed veggies (mushrooms, capsicum, eggplant and zucchini) with 2 boiled eggs. Completely random, but it was exactly what I wanted!

For an absolutely awesome afternoon snack I had this plate of yumminess (I have expressed my love for fruit many times before, so I am going to do it again- I LOVE YOU NATURE'S CANDY!)

Enjoyed with a nice cold glass of soy milk:

Dinner was absolutely amazing as well! (It was a good day on the food front guys!) I made some mixed root veggie hash browns!
I also decided to just make it up on the spot... and they turned out really well!
I grated up half a parsnip, 1/4 cup sweet potato, 1/4 cup beetroot, 1/3 cup carrot and mixed that together in a bowl. Then I added about 1/4 cup chickpea flour, a teaspoon of minced garlic and a tablespoon of oil plus 2 tablespoons of water and mixed to combine:

Then I heated up a pan and took a handful of the mixture, squeezed it together in my hand, then flattened it in the pan, turning after a minute or so (once browned) and flipping again once browned on the other side:

I just placed them in an oven at 180 degrees celsius for 15 minutes to cook through, while I steamed some broccoli and brussels sprouts and then peas and made a pesto salad thing with some mixed four beans:
But seriously- those hash browns were awesome!
Super yummy dinner!
To finish of my day, I walked up the stairs, looked out the window and saw the last of a magnificent sunset.

So that's what I ate Wednesday, how about you?

Don't forget to check out everyone else's eats over at Peas and Crayons!

Bye for now! :D


  1. All looks delicious. What I'm really intrigued by & would love to try is the qunioa bowl you made for lunch. Mmm

  2. Thanks Jessie! The quinoa bowl was great... if a little random- but still great!
    Steph 2 chef x

  3. That looks delicious for a full day of yummy eats- how GOOD are crumpets? I love them with butter and vegemite...or my standard vegemite and avo!

  4. Arman,
    Oh my goodness I have never tried them with Vegemite- genius! Of course only Aussies would think of that!
    Steph 2 chef x

  5. those hash browns look super yummy!

  6. Athletic avocado,
    Thanks so much! They were really yummy!
    Steph 2 chef x


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