Sunday, 5 October 2014

Packing a day of food

A few days ago I was heading on out for the day at The Royal Show! (An Australian fair like thing that is absolutely brilliant!) but before I set off, I planned ahead!
After chowing down a delicious breakfast of frozen grape green smoothie topped with cashew butter and almond butter granola:
 Smoothie was 1 big handful of frozen grapes, 1 chopped frozen banana, 2 super big handfuls of spinach, 3 big scoops of greek yoghurt, 1/4 cup almond milk, some chia seeds and whaz!
 Granola: 3/4 cup muesli, split between two bowls. a tablespoon of almond butter slightly melted in microwave with some milk, rubbed into half and the same with the cashew butter for the other half. Then spread out on a baking tray and baked at 180 degrees celsius for 15-20 mins:
Such a delicious brekky:

 Spoon shot:

So after being filled and fueled I set about in the kitchen preparing both lunch and dinner to take with me!
I steamed some sweet potato, mashed some chickpeas and lentils added some garlic, peas, corn, chilli and mushrooms to make this sweet potato veggie burger:
Placed it in the freezer to harden while I made dinner, which was a roasted veggie and barley salad with an apple cider vinegar and wholegrain mustard dressing. (vinegar +lemon juice + olive oil + 1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard)
Veggies included- kabocha, parsnip, beetroot, carrot and swede along with some spinach and lettuce:
Cooked my veggie burger in a fry pan with a bit of olive oil, then placed on a paper towel.
Cut some home made bread, sauteed some eggplant and capsicum. Sliced some tomato, spread on some hommus and build a sandwich:
Yes, which was then toasted :)
And I also packed an apple, which was all wrapped up in foil before I took a shot:
I was prepared, fed and happy the entire day, which was good considering the amount of walking/ rides/ selfies we did!
Also I saved a load of money- fair food's expensive!

Do you pack your own food for a full day out?
Do you like fairs?
How about fireworks? I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Have a great day!

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