Thursday, 2 October 2014

Thinking out loud- Life's positives and negatives!

Hello friends! It's Thursday, meaning I get to  jump straight into my weekly brain dump! Boy have I got a lot on my mind!

Thanks to the wonderful spoons for an awesome link-up!

Lettuce begin!
1. Remaining on the happy positive news.. guess who can run (a little bit) again!
No, not this guy.... ME! It took about 9 weeks to fully recover from my super tight ITB's- resulting in runner's knee and also 9 weeks to strengthen my hips, but I can now run for 10 minutes with not pain (this is big guys) I have to remember to go slow and eventually I will be back up to running 20-25k'S a day week ;)

2. This brings me back to my next point. I am very much a workout in the early morning kinda gal. I love the vibe I get for the rest of my day and not having to worry about it if I come home tired from school. This is pretty much how I managed to run the distances I was:
3. I want to talk about food now (best. segway. ever.) more importantly this:
This made me smile and I hope it does the same for you too.
4. With food now on the brain- the most frequently asked question I get as a vegetarian is not How do you live? Or where do you get your protein? It is actually; How did you give up bacon?
I googled bacon and saw that there is practically a religion devoted to it.
I mean I liked bacon when I ate meat and all, but honestly I found it too salty and I felt a bit like a dog just chewing my way through a piece. So the most common answer I give to that question is 'Quite easily actually.'
I'm not gonna pretend that we live in a world where everyone agrees with me (that would be boring awesome) because as I've recently found out we live in this kind of world:
5. On the topic of our world's loves, wheat flour is definitely one of them. It's unquestionably our flour of choice and I'm not too sure why. I actually prefer the taste of spelt flour and other flours like chickpea flour and almond flour are a lot more nutritious. I guess wheat and corn are mass produced and widely accepted, but it does make it hard for those of us who can only have it in small amounts, or not at all.
6. On the bright side, with the numerous other flours available out there, I can still enjoy pancakes! Without the wheat!
Does anyone else cut there pancakes into shapes when they eat them?
I seriously believe triangles taste better :P

7. Unfortunately no amount of alternative-to-wheat flours can save me when having to chop up a whole pumpkin:
I was literally like; 'Die, die, die!' as I was trying to axe my way through this beautiful kabocha.
Must have worked:
And yes, I did follow that small victory by parading around the house singing;  'We are the champions!' Even the small victories require a happy dance/song/ march around the house belting out a Queen song.

8. Aaannd that's about everything buzzing around in my head this week! Head on over to Spoons to see what others are thinking out loud about, or link up a post yourself- They are quite fun to write!

Bye for now folks! :D


  1. I honestly wouldn't have a hard time giving up bacon either. I think I've only had it once or twice in my life and it was just... meh. Chocolate or almond butter, on the other hand... no chance. And yay for being able to run again@ Keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything keeps feeling good :D

  2. Thanks so much Amanda- definitely agree with you on the chocolate and nut butter front!


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