Thursday, 23 October 2014

Thinking Out Loud- The sun is playing tricks on me!

How's that for an intro ;)
Seriously though, it's that time of the week where I can allow my brain to go where it will, display my thoughts and funny/ weird musings from the week and simply think out loud. Thanks Spoons for this awesome link-up every week!
Shall we begin?

1. This week started off with me laughing my head off at this:
This is seriously one of the best things I saw all week. I had to look twice to see what everything was! It's simply genius! I'll probably end up being one of those mums who does crazy stuff like this in order to get my kids to eat healthier. They will love me so much.

2. On the topic of funny pics from around the inter web- how about this one?
I'm so tempted to do this to someone- I mean how realistic does that look! Whoever came up with that is pretty evil :)

3. With school starting back up I've had to have breakfast about half an hour earlier than normal and unfortunately my perfect sun placement isn't as perfect at 7:00am, shifting about 2 meters back:

Then the world decided that wasn't annoying enough, so decided to create a band of sun:
 At least there's still sun though, right? I'm loving the sun waking with me at 5:30am (some call me crazy:)

4. I'm blaming the moving sun for this picture. I'm sure it decided to shine super bright for the nano second in which my camera took the shot:
 Seriously though- how did that happen? Did I miss an eclipse?

5. Even though the sun is a bit far back for my liking at 7 in the morning, it doesn't affect my creative juices from flowing and creative amazing sculptures with my surroundings:
Inspiring. I call it the idiosyncratic smoothie jar.

6. On the topic of idiosyncratic things... some of my friends think I'm kinda weird when I take a container of peas to school for recess:
I don't know what they're problem is... peas are yummy!
I guess I stand out a little bit amongst the muesli bars/ cookies/ muffins/ chips munching on my little pot of peas but life's too short to care!

7. Today I went on my first long run for about 10 weeks! It was glorious! I think my injury was a bit of a blessing in disguise because even though it was a long run, I also knew when to stop. I feel like I'm more in tune with my body:D

 8. For my last point I want to show you this:
What!?! I mean... what!?! Did everyone else have to go back like 7 times to find the second 'the'?

So that was one of the most mind bending things that happened to me this week!

Do you ever get annoyed at the moving sun?
Do you like to run?
Did you read the second 'the'?

I'm just thinking out loud here!
See you later! :D


  1. The sun placement photos are hysterical! I know what you mean. Where did you get those fantastic lids and straws
    for your jars?!? Have a great day!

  2. I totally missed the second 'the'. Omg. And that healthy burger and fries dupe is seriously genius... My mom never pulled those stunts with me, but she definitely tried to make me homemade fries and nuggets instead of taking me out to McD's. Never the same. Le sigh.

  3. Frances,
    I got the awesome jar thing from a raw restaurant that also had a little shop- it's my favourite place ever- they have banana flour!
    I'm glad someone else missed the 'the' and your mum sounds awesome! Home-made fires and nuggets! :)
    Steph 2 chef :)


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