Monday, 20 October 2014

Summer fruit- the best fruit

The sun is shining, I'm wearing shorts and I can literally smell Summer! (anyone else smell the seasons? Just me?)
I. Love. Summer. (Sorry to any American readers sick of Summer and ready for Winter... but you'll have to bear with me, I'm ready for Summer!) I have yet to find someone who likes Summer as much as me. All of my friends love winter- snuggling up inside with hot drinks and movies/ books/ board games. Meh, I don't need that. I need sun and outdoors and colourful clothes and beaches and parks and fruit!
Summer fruit!

 Another reason why Summer is the best- it has the best fruit! All winter, when I'm munching on an apple (like I did the day before and the day before that) I'm day dreaming about mangoes, or grapes or watermelon or nectarines. Summer fruit is so yummy and so vibrant and we're just starting to see the first lot arrive in super markets!
This was my breakfast yesterday. Cinnamon, banana steel cut oats topped with crunchy peanut butter with a side of big juicy green grapes and even juicer mulberries
Blueberries were also on special at the shops, so I couldn't resist buying a packet, freezing a few and making some blueberry fro-yo:
1 handful frozen blueberries + 3 big scoops greek yoghurt, whazzed up in a small food processor until smoothy smooth!
Along with some stick to your ribs whipped banana oats (I was super hungry, so that was a big bowl of oats (probably like triple the recommended serving size... but hey- those serving sizes are puny!)
The oats are there to signal that it's still a little cold and not to jump straight into summer smoothie/ muesli... except today I just went with it:
A green berry banana smoothie (1/2 chopped frozen banana + a big handful of frozen berries + a huge bunch of kale+ 3 big scoops of greek yoghurt + chia seeds + oat milk) with some peanut butter granola
This is my kinda cereal and milk (it actually fills me up!)

For a snack I cut myself a BIG slice of the juiciest watermelon ever (watermelon is not only my favourite Summer fruit, it is also my favourite colour) and some apple. I promise there was some apple under there!
Today I wasn't even ashamed of how big my slice of water melon was- it was that good!

Seriously guys... Summer fruit is my kryptonite!
And if you think my watermelon obsession is bad... wait till' mangoes appear on the shelves... and cherries :)
Now I know you can pretty much get most fruit all year round now, but there is no comparison against fruit that has been grown during it's proper season- sooo good!

Before I go I will leave you with this pic:

 Sorry, couldn't help myself :)

Do you like Summer?
Do you like Summer fruit?
Of course you do! What's your favourite Summer fruit?

See ya later guys!

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