Wednesday, 1 October 2014

WIAW #25

Welcome, wacky, warm blooded, weirdos (sorry ran out of w words) to the weekly, wonderful Wednesday, wonderland of WIAW!
Thanks Peas and Crayons for the wicked link-up!

What an intro eh'?
Ok, moving on... to the eats!
After doing this little workout (gotta keep my legs strong for running... NO MORE INJURIES!!!) I was more than ready for breakfast, my favourite meal of the day:
Almost forgot to snap a picture of this one (note the few bites missing) as my memory card was still in the computer. Quick sprint inside, then back out (I had ice cream people!) and snappy-snap-snap!

Chocolate steel cut oats, with a few cacao nibs thrown in:
 Cashew butter ice cream:
1 tablespoon cashew butter + 1chopped frozen banana whazzed in the food processor (scraping down sides) until smooth :)
Filled and fueled for the day I did some blog stuff, cleaned the pool (took a good couple of hours!) then went grocery shopping for some much needed veggies! By the time I arrived back home it was 12:45pm and I was Hangry!

This must have been the fastest, while at the same time still filling, lunch I've ever thrown together (that wasn't a microwave pie!)
Cous cous with carrot, peas, corn, tomato, avocado and a torn up veggie something or other I picked up at the shops. Whatever it was it was good- kind of like falafel :)

For the rest of the afternoon I went about baking some cookies and a red velevt cake for the family whilst watching the Hunger Games (don't you just love holidays?)
 Cookies based off this recipe
 Check out how red it is!
Red velvet cake based off this recipe

After all that baking, I was ready for a snack:
 2 small kiwifruits with some black grapes and a glass of soy milk ;)

And yes, if you're wondering, that is my printer that my snack is on as it has the best light at 4:00pm in the afternoon!
Dinner was easy-peasy simple-pimple with some steamed veggies (sweet tater, tater, pumpkin, kabocha, swede, beetroot and parsnip) along with some toasted sesame seeds and pine nuts, dried cranberries, lentils, spinach and chili tofu:
 You can't really see all the other stuff because I did it in layers and the top layer happened to be steamed veg ;)
Quite tasty!

What did you eat on this fine Wednesday?
What's your go-to-quick-to-put-together meal?
What is your favourite word starting with W ;)

See ya later guys! :D
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  1. the cashew butter ice cream sounds amazing!

  2. It was pretty good! I recommend you try it :)
    Steph 2 chef


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