Sunday, 5 July 2015

Green food colouring..naturally!

Yesterday was Sunday. Designated pancake day in the Steph household.

However, there are so many Sunday's filled with the same old banana/spelt pancakes before it gets.. uninteresting. Lifeless. Dull. Something pancakes should never be!

*It's funny to add that I never get sick or tired of my favourite bowl of cinnamon banana oats and it's practically the same flavour just different textures!

So I thought I would spice things up a little (not literally because the only spice I want to use in pancakes is cinnamon... maybe nutmeg if I'm feeling creative/crazy) and add-wait for it-


It was hard tossing up between what colour I wanted to make my pancakes; blue using pureed blueberries? Red/pink using beet juice? Bright orange with the help of pumpkin? Been there, done that. Something I haven't tried before? Greeeeen pancakes (unless you include that time my friend and I added green food colouring to some crepes we were making that turned out... not very appetising ;)

Here's what happened:
I got together all the necessities when making delicious vegan pancakes (wholemeal spelt flour, chia seeds, rolled oats, 1/2 banana, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, almond milk) and placed it all in a mini food processor.
Then I topped it all off with a nice big handful of the green stuff! (baby spinach leaves if you hadn't guessed)
Lid on, pulverising initiating...
Pulverising complete!
And a very bright (slightly fluorescent- the picture doesn't do the colour justice) pancake batter!

Poured into a mug and let thicken for around 10 mins (this batter was quite thick. I wanted nice fluffy 'cakes)
After the batter had thickened slightly I spooned out some of the mixture onto a heated fry pan with some olive oil:
Around 2-3 mins and FLIP!
Another minute or so on the other side and flip onto some paper towel!!
Perfect and nice and fluffy :)

While the pancakes are still hot, top with your favourite topping (I went with cashew butter and peanut butter and let them get all melty and gooey)
And enjoy!
With the other half of my banana, I whazzed it up with some greek yoghurt while the batter was thickening and popped it in the freezer for some banana fro-yo.
The best part about the breakfast (other than the taste, because the taste is always the best part of eating!)? The awesome green colour of the pancakes- I love it!!

Trust on this when I say you cannot taste the spinach at all- it just creates the awesome colour (and sneaks in added nutrients- bonus!)

All this to say my pancake Sunday just got 200x more exciting and I think I'll carry on with this theme of making a different (natural) coloured pancake each week. Any suggestions for next Sunday?

Your turn:
Do you have a designated day for pancakes?
Favourite batter additions?
Favourite pancake toppings? I was never the biggest fan of maple syrup- I had it occasionally but found it a bit too sickly (maybe because my previous love was tomato sauce on top of my pancakes :)

That's all from me today. I hope you all have a lovely Monday, eat something delicious! Bye for now friends!! :D

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