Tuesday, 3 November 2015

WIAW #78- A little detox :)

Hidy-ho folky folks!

I hope you're all having a wonderful day and are eating even more wonderful foods.

I say this because it is Wednesday- and on Wednesday we celebrate food WIAW style!! That is posting pictures of all the food that enters our belly's... before it turns into the soup-like chyme when mixed with the stomachs acidic juices :)

Now that we are in the mood to delve into ALL the food, let us begin! Thanks Peas and Crayons for the link-up!

Breakfast: 7:15am

My day started off at the crack of dawn (which just so happens to be 5:15am at the moment!) followed by a small ab workout with my new favourite YouTube channel (Blogilates shout out!) and a 30-day fitness challenge I started with a friend (we're on day 6 if you were wondering ;))
And then breakfast happened. Finally! (Have i mentioned how hungry I am when I get up in the morning? Once or twice?)

Breakfast was awesome.
Mango fro-yo (frozen mango + greek yoghurt blitzed in a food processor until smooth)
Plus a cashew butter and banana toasted sandwich on home-made spelt/ rye bread:

Snack: 11:00am
It's almost getting laughable how predictable my mid-morning snack is. I just don't feel like anything else!!

Peas guys. Peas.

Lunch: 1:15pm
My stomach was having one of those days when it just needed a bit of a detox from life. So I made a simple salad of plain boiled brown rice, spinach, carrot, green capsicum, celery, raw asparagus and... that's it!

It totally hit the spot (even though to any sane person it may sound like a taste-less nightmare) and left me feeling re-energised and happy! (What I believe food should always do- honour your body guys!! :D)

Snack: 4:00pm
After a jammed-pack day at school (I don't think it should be legal to have 6 tests in one week... but that's just my view point.) I came home rather ravenous and sourced out a plate of yummy goodness:
A granny smith apple with the most beautifully ripe, sweet and perfect rockmelon/ cantaloupe I think I've ever had!
Fruit will always make me happy :)
Dinner: 6:45pm
Dinner couldn't come soon enough and quite frankly couldn't ever seem to be enough! I roasted up some white sweet potato (yes, it's back!!!) and regular potato in olive oil for about an hour, then mixed that with some hommus-y lentils and grilled tempeh:

Quite tasty and super easy to whip up!
After dinner the hunger bug was still present so I had two squares of 85% Lindt Excellence dark choc :).
Happy Days.

And that's what I ate!

Your turn:
Have you ever done a 30-day fitness challenge? I'm kinda scared about day 30- hello 90 SQUATS!?!
Favourite 'detoxifying' foods/ meals?
Potatoes; roasted, mashed, boiled or baked? I hands-down pick roasted. So. Good!

Well, that's it from me today friends, make sure you have a brilliant day, smile lots, eat delicious foods and look after yourself!! See ya next time!


  1. I kind of did the P90X 90 day challenge. It was fun! I love P90X. I'm not really a person to do 30 day diet challenges, but maybe I will some day. Favorite detoxifying foods would have to be BIG salads, fruit salads, or roasted veggies!

    1. Emily,
      I couldn't do 30-day diet challenges either- mine was a fitness one (hard enough!!). I totally agree with you on the big salad front (and roasted veg! ;) totally hits the spot when you need it. :D
      Steph 2 chefxx

  2. Yay for hungry bellies in the morning! And that dinner sounds AMAZING! Love everything you ate today:)

    1. Faith,
      I am so grateful I feel hungry in the morning- I know a lot of my friends can't even stomach the idea of eating so early (pardon the pun ;) but when I open my eyes I'm ready for FOOD!! :D
      Steph 2 chefxx


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