Wednesday, 18 November 2015

WIAW #80 Eating to fuel the brain :D

Happy Wednesday friendly friends!

I'm not going to lie though, I had to check what day it was today because my brain is so deep fried right now it could give me heart disease!

Ahhh, good one Steph!

Yes, so as you can tell the exams are sucking out all of my sanity and I am saving my normal-sounding sentences for those never-ending blank lines that always ask so much of me!!

Anywho, today's not about proper English and fully formed sentences. Nope- today's about FOOOOOD. In the form of WIAW of course! So let us enjoy a day full of eats!! Thanks as always to the wonderful Peas and Crayons for creating this link-up and enabling me to drool over what everyone else consumes in a day. :)

When I am in the midst of exams it is fundamental for me to do two things beforehand.
1. Move.
At least a little bit.
It gets my mind a-thinking! So today I did my daily fitness challenge and then did a quick Blogilates workout! They may be short and sweet but boy do they get your heart rate up!

And number 2?
Eat something utterly delicious!!
For some reason these past few days have seen a barely there hunger and a bit of a wonky stomach. Strange... probably stress, who knows?
So instead of a big bowl of flavourful, sticky, delicious oats, I went for a tall creamy jar of smoothie!
This guy was a banana-berry green smoothie bash and totally hit the spot!
Frozen banana + frozen mixed berries + frozen zucchini + kale + spinach+ greek yoghurt+ oats soaked in almond milk + mixed nut butter + water- whazzed until smooth!
I love how filling this guy was!
After 3 hours of chemistry... yep, chemistry.. I needed some tasty vibes.
So between two pieces of delicious light rye bread I placed some hommus, grilled veggie patty, shredded carrot, cucumber, tomato, capsicum and shredded lettuce:
Easy, simple, and delicious!!
Snack for today was at around 4pm after some more studying for my economics exam and involved some brilliant brain food:
Fruit and soy milk!
Some yummy crisp and sweet brown pear, and kiwi fruit :)
As dinner time rolled around I was in the mood for some roast veg (they have been a big hit with me lately!) which included pumpkin, broccoli, brussels, eggplant, potato, parsnip and swede:
There were also some lentils and spinach thrown into the mix for extra nutrients and filling factor :D
Afterwards I had four pitted dates to round out the day and end on a sweet note!

So that's what I ate!!

What about you:
What are two essential to-do's on a day when you need to use your brain!?
 Favourite type of bread? I think rye would be up there with my favourites along with spelt :)
Thing that has made you smile uncontrollably lately? I would have to say it has been my friends sending me random videos of them singing along to random dubsmashes. They are strange ones! But oh so funny :P

That's it from me today folks! I hope you have a lovely day, do something you love and as always; eat something delicious!! Bye! :D


  1. Steph you've brought back so many high school memories during exam times...GAH! Do you still need to do the GAT? 3 hours of hell...Also chemistry! Big props buddy!

    At least you had an epic smoothie to fuel you through :D

    1. Arman,
      Yeah, I can imagine you're not sorry you don't have high school exams anymore! :D In WA we do WACE certificate... also 3 hours of utter torture!! And chemistry... yes. :/

      Haha- it's not so bad really- and epic smoothies do make it all the more bearable!

      Steph 2 chefxx


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