Friday, 7 February 2014

Breakfast, I love you!

I always make it my mission to not only eat breakfast every morning, but to make it spectacularly delicious, filling... and awesome!

Do you remember this guy? Well, as I was eating him (yes I give my foods human qualities) I mentioned he tasted like a giant chewy cookie!

Today for breakfast, I wanted cookies! So I did a variation of this recipe- it may have tasted even better!

Vegan, Sugar Free, soy free, dairy free...
Stuffed Chewy Oaty Cookies!

65g wholemeal plain flour
10g coconut flour ( I strongly suggest using this, the coconut taste is a-maz-ing!)
25g oatbran
oats (as much as you like, I probably used 2 tablespoons)
1 teaspoon baking powder
Optional- chia seeds
1 tablespoon oil
About 1 tablespoon milk (I used oat milk) Keep adding if dough isn't coming together
Extra milk to glaze
Filling: This is really up to you- go crazy; berries, chocolate, jam- I will still write down what I did though)
1/2 banana, heated in microwave and mashed
Peanut butter (do you really need measurements? :)

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Line a baking tray with baking paper
2. Stir all the dry ingredients together in a bowl with a wooden spoon. Add in the oil and milk, keep stirring until crumbly- then use hands to form into dough (here you would add more milk if you needed to)
Mine looked like this:
3. Split dough into 4 equal portions, place two on the baking tray, flatten, brush on some extra milk and create a crater in the centre:

4.Spread on some peanut butter, then banana, then peanut butter ( or whatever your filling might be)
5. Flatten the remaining bits of dough, glaze all over and kind of stick and mold it into the filled cookies.
6. I then drizzled on some coconut butter to keep the coconut cookie taste roaring!
7. Place in the oven and bake for around 10-12 minutes until slightly golden:
 8. Leave to cool slightly (not too much, nothing beats warm cookies straight from the oven!)
I ate the rest of my banana alongside some grapes, the grapes were great as their freshness cut through the fudginess of the cookies :)

Now, just for your viewing pleasure- an inside view:

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
Remember to keep smiling:)

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