Friday, 28 February 2014

Bread, glorious bread!

I. Love. Bread.
But do you know what I love even more than bread... Home-made bread!
I used to make my own bread all the time last year because I was wheat free- now that I can tolerate wheat... I still do!
This is the bread mix I use:
But why am I going on a about bread all of a sudden?
Well, the previous two sandwiches I have made have been extremely delicious!
You all know my obsession with this sandwich, it is just. so. good! Well, I played around with it and made another de-lish variation:
Hmm- closer, please!
 Sandwiched between two slices of wheat free bread is a chopped banana and coconut, almond butter chocolate spread (raw cacao, coconut butter and almond butter), toasted (in sandwich press) then spread with banana glaze (using the leftover banana, mashing and mixing with some oat milk). It was really yummy :)
For my absolutely delicious savoury bread experience of recent was today, for lunch:
This was the same wheat free bread, with some chopped avocado, then some beans mixed with salsa, two slices of tomato, two poached eggs and some hommus, toasted in a sandwich press.

Don't the eggs look like eyes?

Anyway! This was sooo yum and smelled A-MAZ-ING!
And that is why I love bread.
What is your favourite bread recipe?

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