Thursday, 13 February 2014

What to choose!?

I seem to have this trouble quite often. (see here, and here)
I know what I want to have and everything, I just cant decide what flavour I want. So I go with everything. Just like the other day when I wanted toast...
That is my take on jam, chocolate spread, peanut butter and Vegemite. With some grapes on the side.
For the jam, I simply heated up some frozen berries and processed in a food processor. For the chocolate spread I melted some coconut butter and stirred in some raw cocoa. For the peanut butter and Vegemite, I unscrewed the lid and spread it on. :D
Don't be afraid to satisfy every flavour (whether sweet or salty) just go with everything!
If that plan fails- think pink!
As in, pink oatbran! And peanut butter- always peanut butter!
Or think, big, delicious spoonfuls of joy!
I love breakfast and I hope you all do too!
Have a fabulous day!
P.S. I seem to really like exclamation marks too... !

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