Friday, 21 February 2014

It's not easy being green...

Unless you taste as good as my smoothie this morning! I'm sure you've all seen these green smoothie things floating around everywhere and yes I love them too! I love the colour, the health benefits, the fact that I cant taste the spinach and the way it reminds me of the Shrek movies.

So here's my version of a super yummy, creamy green smoothie:
Yes, I do prefer smoothies where you need a spoon to eat them :)
Zoom, please:
Hello pretty green colour!
1 chopped frozen banana
1 small frozen mango, chopped
1 tablespoon peanut butter (or any nut butter)
milk of choice ( I used oat, and not too much - 1 cup maybe- I like mine thick!)
1 massive handful of spinach
optional- chia seeds and LSA mix

1. Place ingredients in order they are listed in a blender, pulse  for a few times first just to get everything combined, then blend until smooth and creamy dreamy.
2. Enjoy!

I ate mine with a small bowl of muesli:

Because, I wanted to make this spoonful even better, if that was even possible:

If your still really too scared to try a green smoothie (YOU CAN'T TASTE THE SPINACH) then my next recommendation with frozen bananas would be to make some peanut butter ice cream( frozen banana and peanut butter place in food processor- processed until creamy) and eaten with some yummy muesli and fruit:

 How are you going to sneak your greens into your meals today?
Bye for now! :)

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