Sunday, 9 February 2014

Nutritious, delicious lunch ideas!

Not only do I believe in a nutritious, delicious, awesome breakfast (see yesterday's post) I also think lunch should be extremely delicious and filled with loads of good stuff too. So I thought I might share with you some of my favorite lunches from the past month...

Starting with yesterdays:
Super simple, super healthy and above all, super delicious!
This was a rye flat bread that I lightly heated, then topped with my guacamole (avocado, corn, capsicum, tomato, lemon juice + food processor), with grated carrot, tomatoes, cucumber and eggs, with some hommus on top and some salsa hidden amongst the veggies.

A couple of weeks ago, I wanted a little bit of everything, so instead of one full meal I made a few smaller ones- still very yummy!
On that plate was two boiled eggs, a chickpea flat bread (chickpea flour+water toasted in pan) some roasted cherry tomatoes and some pumpkin gnocchi (pumpkin mixed with brown rice flour and some oil- placed in boiling water until they rose to the top)

I found some huge silver beet at the grocery store the other day and immediately had an idea!

I decided to make a wrap!  Inside was brown rice, sauteed veggie (mushroom, tomatoes, capsicum) mixed four beans, corn, peas, lentils and probably a bunch of other stuff all mixed together with hommus. ( I made another one which had pesto instead- just as good)
Schools a tricky one to make lunches for, but I had managed. On Friday I made a quesadilla!

 And just wrapped it up in foil. Easy! So I made the filling by putting some mixed beans, corn, mushrooms, lentils, capsicum and tomatoes in a small fry pan, adding some taco seasoning and water, and cooking until it all got nice and thick:
I heated a wholegrain wrap, then place some spinach on half:
And my Mexican filling on top:
Fold it over and place in a sandwich press, or just in a large fry pan and cook for a couple of minutes. (turn if using fry pan) Then cut into triangles... Yum!

If you couldn't tell from these pictures, I also love bright, rainbow meals, they're pretty and you know your getting lots of good nutrients too!

I hope you all have a great lunch today- give yourself a challenge and try and make it as rainbow as possible!

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