Friday, 6 March 2015

Saturday- craving all the fat!

Hip, hip hooray for the weekend! So excited right now and I don't even know why! Maybe it's the fact that I can finally eat breakfast slightly later and therefore don't have to deal with the troublesome sun giving me a whole... teeny tiny square to photograph my breakfasts:

Tuesday last week:
I guess I shouldn't be complaining though because at least there is still sun out! Not looking forward to that aspect of winter!

But it is still Summer and no one can take that away from me!! (I am really not a winter person, hey?)
So weekends= awesome sunshine= happy Steph! (It's the little things in life people!)
Weekends also mean long and leisurely runs where I don't have the constant nightmare of being really late for school because I haven't kept track of the time whilst out running (which has happened every weekday before school so far). So long runs (approx 105 mins= approx 18km) lots of sunshine and good food... such as:
Choc protein creamy green ice cream and raw peanut butter granola
Usually when I return for a run (in desperate need of sustenance) I gravitate towards carbs. All the carbs. Oats, wholegrain crumpet, wholemeal spelt bread. Today something was different though. I thought of a big bowl of oats and didn't start drooling (very strange for me) instead I thought of avocados and nut butter and all things FAT! (The healthy kind of course ;)
So I whazzed up 1/2 a frozen, chopped avocado, 1 chopped, frozen banana and 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder until smooth and creamy dreamy!
Then I set about making my typical granola, took a bite and decided that I wouldn't bake it because it tasted so gosh darn good raw. I have these moments sometimes.
So I had all the fat and was super happy.
There's something about avocado that just makes everything so... creamy!
Ice cream paired with warm, gooey peanut-y granola= pure bliss. Especially after running a marathon for quite a while.

So craving the fat was a little strange (but listen to your body people- there must have been a reason! :) however as lunch time rolled around the usual carb-o-saurus in me came back with a vengeance:
 Big bowl of food!
 In this particular bowl was brown rice, garlic tofu, capsicum, tomatoes, spinach, snow pea sprouts, cucumber and roasted sweet potato (overdone and super srispy on the outside- just how I like it!)
To make such awesome sweet potatoes you just need to turn your oven up to hotter than usual (about 200 degrees celsius) and bake for 35 mins and the result is crispy outside, super soft inside and awesome flavour!

I think it's so awesome that (for me at least) my body pretty much tells me what I feel like- be it carb rich foods, full-of-fat goodness, or a decent serve of protein (hello eggs and beans and lentils and everything else on one plate!) and I think it's awesome how good I feel afterward by listening to my body. Top job, body!!

What about you?
What sorts of foods do you crave after a workout?
Favourite source of fat? I love, love, love nut butter, but avocados are definitely up there!)
Favourite method of cooking sweet potato?

That's it from me today folks! Back to my typical Saturday happenings (you know that really means home work!). Hopefully you have something fun/ relaxing/ happiness-inducing happening on your weekend and if not just take an hour or so to do something you truly love! With that- goodbye!

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