Wednesday, 4 March 2015

WIAW #46 Delicious food!!

Happy Wednesday friendly friends! Middle of the week! It's only downhill from here- in a good way!! (I'm so inspiration, hey?)
I love this running quote... however I think it also applies to Wednesdays
Any who, Wednesdays are for food and therefore I will give thee food! In the form of What I ate Wednesday! Thanks to the wonderful Peas and Crayons for hosting this link-up!

Breakfast: 7:15am
So this particular day is a feature of a wonderful Tuesday full of deliciousness!
Starting off this deliciousness (after 2 super-fun Purely Twins workouts), quite fittingly, with the best. sandwich. ever.
The toasted PB and banana sandwich... with a side of peach fro-yo (1/2 chopped frozen peach with 3 big blobs of greek yoghurt whazzed in a mini food processor until smooth)
I'm not sure how many times I've sung this sandwich's praises... but seriously- warm ooey gooey peanut butter rippling between gooey, sweeter banana, encrusted in a crispy case of carby goodness. It doesn't get much better than that.
Yes, a close-up of that magnitude was necessary.
 The peach fro-yo is pretty necessary for the down-right delectation of this brekky as it's fresh creaminess cuts through the rich fudgey toastie. :)
 Happiness in a sandwich.

Snack: 11:00am 
Phew, after that description of breakfast, my morning snack just cannot compare.
It was peas in a pot. Shocked?

Lunch: 1:40pm- school lunch times are cruel
After surviving another 2 hours of awesome school-ness (it actually was awesome because we got to go to the beach in PE) I was hangry for lunch!!

A big ol' salad with spinach, cucumber, carrot, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, avocado and lime juice with some awesome oven baked beans tossed in right before heading off to school.
The beans guys. The beans! The were simply a small tin of mixed beans and lentils rubbed with cinnamon and ginger and baked until all popped and crispy (not crunchy- just crispy outside)
Snack: 4:00pm
Post-homework and pre-flute lesson snack:
Chopped pink lady apple with small, sweet green grapes and the last drops of soy milk from the carton.
Energy restored.
Dinner: 6:45pm
Feeling a tad low on whole grains (in the form of pasta ;) I decided to cook up a big bowl of.... PASTA!
Steamed veggies (pumpkin, parsnip, swede, sweet potato and beetroot) with some cooked rice and quinoa pasta, wilted spinach, grilled tempeh, all stirred together with a few big blobs of hommus and nutritional yeast.
Hit. The. Spot.
Could you tell I was in a bit of a cheesy, comfort food-y mood?
Minus the cheese and uncomfortable belly afterwards! :)

Aaaandd.... thast's what I ate. Every single morsel of food!

Your turn:
Favourite toasted sandwich? I'm sure there are crazier people out there than me who put wacky stuff in between their bread slices prior to grilling!

That's it for today folks- tune in tomorrow for a wacky, random, silly Thinking Out Loud! For more eats head on over to Peas and Crayons! Bye!! :D

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