Friday, 20 March 2015

Saturday, here you are again!

Hello, hello! Happy, happy Saturday!! I feel like every Saturday I'm always rambling on about how much I love it, so I thought this week...

I would do it again!

Do you ever just wake up on a Saturday smiling? I do! I even did today when I woke up at 12:56am (for no apparent reason at all) it was Saturday after all!
As per usual, Saturdays= time. Time to run in the morning, time to make a delicious breakfast and time to catch up on absolutely everything I have fallen behind in from the past week (hello looming pile of study)
This particular Saturday I was up at the crack of... darkness. :) It was about 5:00am and the seasons are shifting (ahh, Autumn.. why do you replace Summer?)so the stars were still out and about. Ate two dates, whipped on my 'I pink I can, I pink I can' pink running shirt and pink running shorts, laced up my rainbow running shoes (guys- it's dark out... I want to be seen if a car comes! ;) did some dynamic stretches and headed out! 2 hours, 20 minutes later- I'M BACK! Hungry as ever!
It's funny though, because it never feels like over 2 hours has passed. I must day dream a lot during my runs. So, super sweaty, I gulped (well, tried to sip) a huge glass of coconut water, simultaneously stretching and getting a pot of choc protein cheesecake steel cut oats on the stove top. Multi-tasking to the max. Then I showered. Because showers win priority. And my oats still had 15 minutes to cook, so I had to distract the hunger with some soap and shampoo.

Showered, dressed, still red in the face, oats cooked, sun shining:
Topped with a generous amount of almond butter (because we all seem to feel the same way about those silly serving sizes)

And nomed. Relatively quickly. :)
I think the only reason I managed to complete such a distance without fainting was my awesome-sauce dinner last night:
It involved an oven roasted white sweet potato (no words... none) a drizzle of coconut butter and a side of sauteed cherry tomatoes, onion, rosemary and chickpeas on a bed of wilted spinach:
So good!
But that alone couldn't fuel the long run of today. Oh no. I needed something incredible. Something ground-breaking. The ultimate super food (if I believed in super foods)

Ahhh, sometimes I think I spoil my tummy too much. And then I laugh at how silly that statement is!

What about you?
What have you been up to this Saturday morning?
Was breakfast good?
Popcorn for dinner? Acceptable? (of course it is!)

Bye for now friendly friends- make sure you eat something awesome! (popcorn counts as awesome!) Have a great day!! :D

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