Wednesday, 18 March 2015

WIAW #48 Yet another busy day!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Everyone happy? Well-fed? Good!
If you answered 'no' to either of those questions, grab yourself something chocolate-y (ticks both boxes, right?) and sit down for some WIAW action!

Today's journey of food into my stomach (all churned up with the yummy gastric juices and so're welcome) comes from Tuesday- a day in which spare time was basically non-existent, so awesome forward-planning was very existent!

Thanks as usual to Peas and Crayons for hosting this awesome party- best host ever award!

Lettuce jump to it! (I donut understand food puns... boom! I'm on fire!)

Breakfast: 6:45 am
Post purely twin workouts (yep, workout..s) I was all sweaty, hungry and ready for FOOD!
I also kinda wanted my favourite breakfast ever.
The famous almond butter and banana toastie with a side of grape/ blackberry fro-yo! Eeer-ma-guuhhd!
Grape and blackberry fro-yo? You ask. Why, yes- splendid combination. Simply splendid.
Small handful of frozen grapes + small handful frozen blackberries + 3 big scoops greek yoghurt- whazz!

Almost as splendid as this guy:

But, seriously, how can anything compare to gooey, sweet banana mushed together with warm, melty almond butter encased in  lightly toasted, fresh, home-made wholemeal spelt bread, off-setting the sweet/richness.
I have dreams about this sandwich guys. No shame.
Perfectly combined with the fresh, tang and creaminess of the fro-yo... perfect.

Breakfast was a hectic time as I somehow managed to bang out lunch and dinner in the same morning!
Snack: 11:00am

My little pot of peas. Love it.

Lunch: 1:40pm
I shall call this one the; Simple-pimple, super easy, had no time in the morning lunch:
Salad containing cherry tomatoes, spinach, snow pea sprouts, capsicum, cucumber and a grilled quinoa veggie burger.. did the job- filled me up.

Snack: 4:00pm
So this was quickly inhaled prior to leaving for a flute lesson, after getting tomorrow's lunch organised (was planning on a long run... it was raining when I woke up, so that didn't happen= lots of spare time this morning)
A delicious plate of fruit with a glass of soy milk.
Chopped white-flesh nectarine with a few kiwi berries!!

Dinner: 6:15pm
Upon returning from my flute lesson I managed to fit in a miniscule amount of homework, showering after the day's PE lesson at the beach (so sandy!) dressing up in some nice clothes (a rarity for me- after school= comfy shorts and big tops) and heading out to the theatre with my literature class to see a play called Dinner (hilarious by the way!)
So this was the dinner I prepped in the morning, starting off with frying up some rinsed and dried (with paper towel) tofu in a dash of sesame oil and garlic until golden brown.
Then I cooked up some brown rice noodles (boiling water on dried noodles+ 5 mins) and added some veg to the pan with the tofu:
Chopped broccoli, mushrooms, green beans, grated carrot, grated brussels sprouts and grated zucchini.
7 minutes later....
And adding in the noodles for 30 seconds:
Easy-peasy stir-fry that tasted uh-maze-ing! (Especially cold, in the car on the way to the theatre- I usually think food tastes better cold though... :)

Aaaand... that's what I ate! Phew I need a moment to collect my thoughts and ready myself for whatever other meal I have to prepare next. Thankfully this afternoon I have nothing on so I can relax and spend some valuable time getting to re-know my kitchen and make something delicious (that probably will be hot because I'll be able to eat it when I actually make it!)

What about you?
Do you ever have those days where every meal needs to be prepared in advance?
Favourite meal to make in advance? PB + J sandwiches do not count!
Do you prefer your meals hot or cold?

Hungry for more? Head on over to Peas and Crayons to see what everyone else has been nom-ing on!


  1. Your fruit and veggie consumption is just awesome . I could take a lesson from you.

  2. Meghan,
    Thanks so much! I think because I'm in the habit of eating ALL the fruits and veggies it just sort of comes naturally, first thing I think of when deciding what to eat- what veggies do I fell like?
    Thanks again,
    Steph 2 chefxxx

  3. Umm...that fro-yo looks AH-MAZING! :-)


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