Friday, 10 July 2015

Happy FRY-DAY! ;)

Hello, hello and happy Friday! Because Fridays are always happy, right? There's just something about a Friday that lifts the whole mood of anywhere you go. I don't know, it's like there's a buzz in the air- a buzz of anticipation, a buzz of excitement, of elation... ok it's fairly clear I'm a Friday fan.

But, as the name of this post suggests, I'm also a fry-day fan! In what way you ask?
 An eggy sorta way :)

Eggs are hands down one of my favourite sources of protein.

No debate.

They're awesome.

I feel like they're on they're own in this world, with rarely anything comparable to them in taste, texture, or even functional properties- and this makes them special in my eyes!
I mean, I don't know many foods that are an awesome source of protein that can be used in both savoury or sweet dishes that coagulates almost instantly upon touching a heat source and can be whipped to 10x it's original size, can bind desserts together, or act as a float to absorb all the impurities in a consomme. Act as a dressing for a salad or plate of food merely by cooking for a slightly shorter time, or even cooking it for a little longer and mashing it into a salad! Ok, I'm getting over-exicted over here now. In short, eggs are fabulous, yet people hold onto that ancient (read- about 5 years ago) weariness over the so-called saturated fat and cholesterol raising properties of eggs.
Whilst eggs are in fact high in cholesterol, they don't adversely affect our cholesterol. And that's a fact. I think it's important for people to realise that cholesterol in the diet doesn't 100% guarantee a rise in cholesterol in the blood.

In fact- eggs raise your levels of HDL cholesterol in the blood (the good kind of cholesterol) putting people at a lower risk of heart disease, stroke and lots of other diseases.

And that's not all!

These little treasure boxes of awesome also contain ridiculous amounts of other nutrients (Luetin, zeaxanthin, omega-3's, protein, B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin A, choline, phosphorous, selenium, folate... the list goes on and on!)
 But I have to admit, I mainly like em' for their taste :)

As a kid, a firm, set yolk was the only way I could eat eggs. Fries/ boiled, never scrambled or poached with a firm yolk. I think it was a texture thing. I also didn't eat the whites (no matter how many times my parents told me that was the most nutritious- LIES!) S o I guess you could say, as a kid, I didn't really like eggs?

Now? Now I'm all about the runny yolks and the delicious white casing and all the different ways to eat eggs. You know my favourite's poached though...
I don't even know what it is about poached eggs- but they are just so gosh darn good!
Hello yolk of golden bliss!
And if I want that beautifully rich, golden mess enclosed and managed...
I just throw those poached delights into a wholemeal wrap with roasted veg (broccoli, brussels sprouts, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant and zucchini roasted with olive oil) hommus and spinach and toast it slightly in a sandwich press.
Still gooey and delicious!

And of course, a childhood favourite (the one time I almost accepted completely runny yolks (but not really))
Soft boiled eggs with.... 
Toast soldiers!!
 All the toast soldiers (it's the child in me ;)

So yeh, eggs are awesome, and I feel like they deserved a whole post for themselves :)
What about you?
Are you an egg lover?
Favourite way to eat/cook them?
Childhood egg memories? (I never thought of drawing funny faces/ messages on our eggs shells in the carton but I think I will when I have kids! ;)

I hope everyone has an absolutely fabulous Friday fry-day, cook up an egg or two and in the simplest terms- enjoy life. You deserve to. Bye for now friends!! :D


  1. I do love eggs, my favorite currently is a egg "mcmuffin" sandwhich. My husband is going through a phase where he eats at least 6 scrambled eggs every morning for breakfast.

    1. I've seen quite a few egg mcmuffin type things floating around the blog-o-sphere but have never tried one myself- might have to see what all the fuss is about!
      6 scrambled eggs! I'm impressed!

      Steph 2 chef xx


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