Saturday, 4 July 2015

Sunday Links for everyone!

Ahhhh, rise and shine to the sounds of Sunday (ie. nothingggg)!
I mention this every week, and I'm gonna mention it again, I just love the relaxing vibe Sunday offers to the week. Without a Sunday every 7th day I would be a frazzled loon trying to figure out how to live my life and maintain normal human tendencies.

For some odd reason my body still wakes itself up bright dark and early on the weekends so I've never been much of a sleep-er-inner when the two days of freedom roll round. Not complaining though because mornings are when I'm most productive so it's up and at em' from the get go!

This morning I did another set of weight training (see this post) and then moved from the weights to the FOOD! In typical Sunday fashion there were pancakes involved, but you'll have to wait til' tomorrow to see the awesome-ness that they were!

Here, I'll give you a whole bunch of awesome links from the week to keep you occupied until then. ;)






Those are just a snap-shot of the awesome posts I've seen flying around the web lately. I think it's amazing how much info and advice and support you can gain from other bloggers and writers and am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community!

Seen any awesome links from the past week that you've loved? Share it in the comments- I'd love to check it out!

Alrighty folks, that's all from me today, I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday, rest, recover and get ready for the week! Bye!! :D

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