Saturday, 11 July 2015

When life takes away your time.. and thinking capacity!

Hidy-ho friends! How has your weekend been so far? In light of the fact that yu can't actually communicate verbally to me through your computer to my computer to instantaneously answer that question, I'll let you know how mine's been. Hectic.



And a lot of smiling at people.

In short, I've been starting up at a new job whilst simultaneously finishing up at my old job (both just casual after school jobs) juggling life in the mix and also trying to keep myself fit, fed and happy. It's been a challenge!

Because what do you do when you have brekky then have some errands to run followed by work for a significant chunk of the middle of the day, followed by a night shift starting at 6? You stuff food in your mouth at random times of the day to try and quell your hunger while you figure out what comes next.

I'm not gonna lie- this has totally mucked up my normal eating times and hunger and probably a whole bunch of other internal things my body has silently suffered through ;) and as a result I do notice that when I have the time to eat, I'm not all that hungry, or in contrast extremely famished!

Take yesterday for example. Brekky at 7:30am, 'lunch' at 3 (STARVING!) not hungry for dinner that had to be eaten at 5:45pm. Yep, very unbalanced and topsy-turvy. That's life though, right?

When I'm in that position that I know I have to eat to fuel me through the next hours to come, yet have no desire to eat, here are some of my go-to meals:
A quick, easy and utterly delicious grilled sandwich on rye bread with grilled capsicum, mushroom, eggplant, fresh spinach and tomato and hommus.

Filled with whole grains, fiber and veg and not too big/filling to make me feel like I'm going to puke (TMI?)
This sandwich was literally a life saver and was filled with so much deliciousness!
And yes, it was eaten on my minions plate. AKA my favourite plate.

Another favourite- A simple roast veg bowl:
Roasted pumpkin, potato, beetroot, swede and parsnip with some baby spinach and mixed four beans.
Simple-pimple, comforting, extremely yummy... what more could you ask for a small, simple, no-fuss dinner?

Of course, you know how I rely on the trusty quick-cook egg when time is tight and my favourite quick meal would be toast with Vegemite and mashed avocado with eggs...
 ...but sometimes a girl needs a change-up and the above meals are just a sample of the random dishes I've thrown together to get me through this quite stressful period in my life (and who would've thunk it's school holidays? ;)

Luckily things should start to calm down after today and I can get back to breathing. And cooking delicious dinners at times I want to eat delicious dinners! Fingers crossed!!

What about you?
Have you/ are you going through a hectic time of life?
Do you deteste eating when you're not hungry as much as me?
Favourite little meals that pack a punch? Nutiritonally and flavour...fully? :)

That's all from me today. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, relax, enjoy any time you have (I know I will!) and as always- eat something delicious!! Bye! :PD

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