Thursday, 23 July 2015

Thinking Out Loud- omelettes, soy milk and confusing blueberries!

Hello there fellow food lovers! (A simple 'hello' just seemed way too boring today ;)

As it is Thursday, and judging by my already random introduction to my introduction, I think it is well and truly that time of the week where we throw all accepted writing rules and regulations over how/what one should/should not write about and let the random ramblings of our brains flood the page like a raging river of nonsensical nonsense! :)

In other words, it is Thursday and so, thanks to Spoons, I will be linking up to the Thinking Out Loud link-up. Be sure to head on over and see what everyone else is thinking about this Thursday!

Lettuce begin!

1. Ok. This is a big one guys. You ready?
I'll just let it sink in for a bit.
Ok. You can start clapping now.
Yep, I actually managed to flip an omelette! Without it breaking! Whole! Not a plate of yes-I-meant-to-make-scrambled-eggs scrambled eggs!!
Yeh, let's just say that omelettes and I don't have a very good track record.
The filling of my omelette that didn't fit- mashed veg (pumpkin, swede, potato, sweet potato and beetroot) with peas
I just can't seem to manage to cook the omelette through enough, or over cook the bottom burning it, and then continuing on to try and flip it resulting in lots ofg little bits of egg everywhere. Yup.
But this one was perfect, and as you can probably tell by the ridiculous amount of pictures I took of it, I was one proud mama!
It even sliced beautifully!!! It's the little things in life guys!

2. Something else that brings me much joy?
Vanilla protein oats. I feel like it's been a few weeks too long that I haven't sung these oats' praise, so- PRAISE THE VANILLA PROTEIN OATS!
Topped with this nut butter because there isn't a better nut butter to go with these oats than Mayver's Original Super Spread! It reminds me of white chocolate for some reason? No complaining over here if a whole bunch of ground up nuts taste like white chocolate!

3. Something else that baffles my taste buds? How soy milks can have such different flavours between not only brands, but different types within brands!
This is my usual soy milk:
This is the soy milk I had to buy because my supermarket had run out of my one:
Same brand, same thing and they tasted so different! It wasn't bad different or anything. Just different. My confused face after taking my first sip would have looked a little something like this:
It's all good though because they were re-stocked the next time I went back, so I can go back to my ignorant bliss over thinking all soy milk tastes the same! ;)

4. Okay and just quickly before I wrap things up...
 Can someone please tell me why whazzing up frozen blueberries with greek yoghurt and leaving to sit in the freezer for around 20 mins completely changes the texture/ composition of the previously creamy and melty fro-yo??
It really baffles me! Is there somethig in the blueberries that makes the yoghurt go all gritty and sort of split?
 I mean it still tasted really good, it just completely altered in texture and appearance after sitting in the freezer for half an hour and this isn't the first time- I'm just really curious!!

Well, on that unknown note, I think I'll leave the ramblings there and let you get back to your life. Unless of course you want to check out some more Thinking Out Loud posts- head over to Spoons!

Your turn:
Do you struggle making omelettes? If not, what's your secret?
Do you notice quite big differences in flavour between different brands of the same product?
Do you have the answer to my blueberry + yoghurt conundrum?

I hope you all have a great day, take some time to do something you really love and then go tell someone you really love that you love them! Bye!! :D


  1. Not 100% sure on the yogurt and blueberry question, but I've noticed the same thing. Yogurt has a way of changing the consistency of whatever I put in it, whether it be oats, fruit, nut butter, etc. One of my favourite things is actually to put slices of apples in because they get crazy soft and sweet.

    1. Amanda,
      Oooh, love the apple idea- will have to try!! Glad you've found similar strangeties with your yoghurt combos too!
      Steph 2 chef xx


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