Thursday, 2 July 2015

Thinking Out Loud- bad bread, toasted sandwiches and papples!

Hello there lovely lovelies!

It is finally here! Yipeeeeee!

What is finally here you ask? Half yearly break!! My brain is fried, my body is exhausted and I am ready for rejuvenation.

Weeelll, not quite. I feel like I've got a little left in the noggin for some Thinking Out Loud Thursday! Thanks as always to the wonderful Spoons for hosting this awesome weekly link-up where the ramblings of the bloggers can be read by other bloggers and people to  determine your sanity (or lack thereof ;)

What an interesting intro Steph, pat on the back for you! (I really need a holiday, huh?)

1. The last time I went to the bread shop I got two big bags of spelt bread flour, one spelt/ rye mix (that I've loved before- it's the usual) and one wholemeal spelt mix that I hadn't ever tried before. After a few weeks of my beloved spelt/ rye, I inevitably ran out and moved on to the new spelt mix.

3 hours later and....
I was left with a teeny little heavy rock.
It hadn't risen at all and was literally a solid block of rock hard... flour.

First thought was the yeast. I hadn't bought fresh yeast in a while, so maybe the one I was using is losing it's yeasty-powers.

New yeast + bread mix =

Little rock of unhappiness.

Ok, not the yeast. I also ruled out the water and oil. Bread mix, I'm looking at you.

So I purchased another bread mix (a seeded spelt mix) and voila!
 It puffed up.. so much so it seems it was trying to make up for the other two disasters. It was soooo tall! I'm not complaining though, the bigger the better!

And just check out that fluffy seedy goodness:

2. Because, on that note, the bigger the sandwich the more stuff you can fill it with!
 Especially when it comes to my favourite breakfast toasted sandwich!
All the more peanut butter and banana for me... as well as delicious mango fro-yo (frozen mango and greek yoghurt whazzed together in a food processor)
 3. And of course, whenever I bake bread I have to make my favourite savoury toasted sandwich (gotta balance out the savoury and the sweet)
 Hommus, grilled pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini, mushroom, capsicum, veggie burger, spinach and breeaadd!
 Grilled in a sandwich press until golden and toasty.
 And this is why bread exists.

4. I also am back in a stage where I want all the veggies. Ever.
 Last night's stir-fry with ginger, garlic, olive oil, capsicum, corn, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, sauteed up for a few minutes until golden brown and delicious!
 Throw some brown rice in there with some spinach for around 30 seconds to mix up all the tasty-ness and you have one heck-of-a-lot  of awesome tasting veggies in one meal!

4. Completely random ending comment:
 This pear!
 Seriously though, it was a mix between a pear and an apple and might just have been one of the best fruits I have ever tried (I am both a huge apple and pear fan, so I guess that plays a part). It was sweet and yet so tangy and sort of sour and ahhhhh so good! Just had to let that be known to the world!

So that's what has been traveling around my head for the past week. Your welcome.

Your turn:
Do you bake your own bread? What type do you bake? It is time consuming but I feel like nothing compares to freshly baked bread!
Are you a fan of raw sandwiches (couldn't think of a better word) or toasted sandwiches? I think I lean more towards the toasted- the flavour!
Ever tried a papple (pear/ apple)?

If you want to check out what everyone else is thinking about this Thursday, head on over to Spoons!

Have yourself a brilliant day, do something you love and enjoy the little things- so often we simply let them fly past without acknowledging them! Bye for now friends! :D


  1. I used to bake bread a LOT . . . I actually wore out a bread machine once (and did it by hand for yrs before there were bread machines). Sadly, I can't afford to eat bread much anymore. Just wait til you're 50+.

    Water can actually make a huge difference in the bread rising. When I moved to a different state I actually couldn't get my bread to rise until I figured out that was the problem!

    1. Really? Ha! And here I am thinking the water was the part I was doing right! ;)

      Thanks for your comment :)
      Steph 2 chefxx


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