Saturday, 19 April 2014

Things I'm Loving and HAPPY EASTER!

Happy Easter Friends! I hope you all have a fabulous day!
Now, I've decided to do a little Easter recipe round up for you. As I was going through my recipes I noticed I didn't have many carrot recipes- so I have to get onto that, but I thought, orange recipes work and so do chocolate recipes! So sit back relax and maybe become inspired?!?
How about some carrot cake oatmeal for breakfast?
Or maybe a baked carrot cake pancake?
Not a big fan of carrots, but want to stay true to their orange-ness?
How about some pumpkin doughnuts?
Another orange breakfast you might enjoy (might?)
Pumpkin cinnamon scrolls:
That's enough orange stuff I think- but keeping with the breakfast theme, lets go for some chocolate!
Seeing as it's pancake Sunday, why not try:
Or maybe, some chocolate banana bread doughnuts?
Feeling like waffles?
I'm always in the mood for a smoothie- how about you?
Well, I think that's enough breakfast ideas for you- maybe some orange goodness meals?
Or maybe some colourful pizza parcels?
Finishing our delicious recipes off with the ultimate veggie burger (well, it looks a bit orange and there is grated carrot on it- so it's justified!)
So- celebrate Easter with friends, family and delicious recipes!
xo Steph :D

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