Thursday, 3 April 2014

Why have I never thought of that?

Hello Everybody!
I have some fabulicious ideas for you that I can't believe I've never thought of doing before!
Just like oats in a jar, pancake tacos and numerous other things that aren't coming to mind at the moment, this recipe is one that made me think- Why have I never done this:

Um.. excuse me Steph- you have done that before- remember!
Yes, Steph, I do remember! This is different! Wanna know why......
It's frozen.... drum roll please.... overnight oats!!!

I made a batch of overnight oats ( I use maybe 3/4-1 cup of muesli with some chia seeds and then the same amount of milk plus 1/4 cup more, let sit for at least 8 hours and then poured into my ice cream molds :) This made about 3, I could only eat two :( But soooo yummy!) Then I drizzled almond butter mixed with coconut butter over the top, so it would set.

Take a look inside!
YUM! It tasted like a cookie dough ice cream :)
Some more overnight oat recipes can be found here and here.
Then today, this wasn't really a new recipe, but when I first tried it (maybe a year ago) I almost hit myself for never trying this- it changed my life, ofcourse you know what I'm talking about:
My nut butter and banana toastie! (thank you chocolate covered katie!) Simply topped with mashed banana and oat milk ( makes the bread nice and soggy- In a good way! :)
With some green grapes and soy milk.
Sooo good:

I promise you, if you choose to make either of these- you will not be disappointed!
Your welcome!

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