Monday, 14 September 2015

Another hectic training day!

Hi friends! I hope we're all have a wonderful day filled with wonderful food (and if not, go and eat something wonderful. NOW. :)

Any who, since the last week I've been pretty sick, interschool training has taken a bit of a back burner as I've stuck to sleeping lighter movements, with less stress to my body. However, I'm a little concerned about losing all the fitness I built up at the grueling training sessions I did go to 2 weeks ago. So as soon as I was back to my regular self- it was back to training (and preparing almost a full day of meals the night before!)

Here's a look at some of the stuff I prepped ahead to ensure I had enough fuel (and delicious fuel) to power me through my day (because, let's face it, I then had to go and do a whole day of school- talk about exhausting!).

Prior to training, I go by how I'm feeling in the morning as to what I'm going to eat. Sometimes I'm not all that hungry so I'll go with some dates or something. Today I was HUNGRY. But knew too much food would not be my wisest move ever.
Greek yoghurt and banana. Nom.
Now imagine me running around a grassed oval with a pained look on my face and legs defying my protesting brain as I fight the urge to yell abuse at our coach. Imagining it? Good. That was training.

After training I'd prepped a very delicious breakfast:
Those bad boys were some pumpkin, almond butter oat bites and they were goooood.
Dry mix: oats+ oat bran + cinnamon + chopped dates: About a cup of this dry mix, to whatever ratio you desire!
+ Around 1/2-3/4 cup steamed and mashed pumpkin:
+ a heaped tablespoon almond butter

Rolly-roll: (I placed mine in a tupperware container lined with baking paper)

And place in the freezer overnight (or at least an hour) and remove for around an hour to defrost the following day/ whenever you are consuming them (I think I eventually had mine around a week later due to my being sick.)
Enjoy your super tasty, on-the-go breakfast delights!

I just wrapped them up in foil in the morning to decrease the size- my container was kinda big ;)
Lunch was almost as good too!
Prepped the night before- some smashed potato and broccoli, mixed with red kidney beans, roast veg falafel, spinach and nutritional yeast:
Super easy- just steam up some potato (even better with skin left on), add some broccoli after a little bit, remove when tender, gently smash down (not too much- still want some texture) and then mix with all the other good stuff!
Filled with all the stuff my tired, sore, recovering body needed!
Then I finally got to come home and prepare something at the time I was actually going to consume it. It was awesome!

You can find my previous training post (filled with make-ahead recipes) here.

What about you:
Do you freeze breakfast foods? What's your favourite make-ahead breakfast meal?
Are you a fan of smashed potatoes? I think I prefer them over mashed potato because they are still squashed, but have texture!
Favourite pre-workout fuel? Do you go with what your body tells you?

I hope you all have a brilliant day, do something you love and eat something delicious!! Bye  for now friends!! :D

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